Tuesday, December 1, 2009

AC 2, COD 2, Rabbid, Iphone

Just venting a little. Where I work they are trying to implement a policy that will not allow us to have our own monitors, keyboards, and mice because of some silly reasons. If our company kept us upto date with equipment then this would be a moot point but they are way behind plus we haven't got a raise in awhile and the company is tight on money so good for them to decrease moral like this.

AC 2 (360) (4Hr)

Still progressing through the story. I have opened up some new mission types so that is keeping the game from getting repetitive. I haven't made it too Venice yet but the lands and cities you explore are pretty large and they do a good job of making the city a living place.

COD 2 (360) (10Hr)

At level 55 and I was hot last night because of work and just wanted to kill someone and I was ranking in the top 3 for most of the night and was having a blast. It's going to take forever to get to lvl 70 but I am going to get there.

Rabbid (Wii) (1Hr)

This game is one of the funniest games I've played. Get this game if you have a Wii.


Red Laser App $1.99
This app just got an update that makes it a must buy. The app lets you scan any item with a barcode and it will look up that item for you and give you the prices for both internet sites and local stores, before it was only internet sites.

IBlast Moki $1.99

A neat little puzzle game where you must get the Moki to a portal by blowing up bombs next to them. The bombs have timers that add some pretty good puzzle elements when you must use 4 or 5 bombs to get the Moki home. It controls well and has many levels.

Soosiz 1.99

This is like Super Mario Galaxy in 2-D. It controls perfectly so you can make quick and accurate movements.

JetCarStunts 1.99

Kind of like Trackmania where you try to drive through various obsticaled courses.

HR Battle .99

A home run derby game that has some neat concepts.

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  1. I created a video of Red Laser iPhone app scanning my Barcode Elvis and Marilyn art http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXdAUzHqnR4