Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Assassin's Creed 2, Cod 2, RB2

I didn't stray too much out of the ordinary last night. I got my hour of RB in and then played my usual 2 games last night.

AC 2 (4hr)

I think that I'm almost finished but then again I keep meeting more and more people involved in the plot to kill my family so I "have" to go after them. I wish the game used stealth the way Batman does, it is decent in this game but it feels gamey. I pulled a guard off of a tower and he screamed and there were 3 other guards that should have heard him but just stood there.

COD 2 (4hr)

Wow time flies when you play this game. They added the patch to fix some glitches but added some new ones. Now your grenade launcher can have unlimited ammo so your screen constantly shakes as explosions are going everywhere. Then there is the glitch where you will be put into a private match. The other night we were trying to play team deathmatch and got put into a free for all match on Rust which is about 30 by 30 and was made for 6 people but there were 18 so people were spawning on top of each other and it was chaos. Once again they should have had a beta to work out these issues but they thought they were better than that and now they see they aren't.

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