Monday, December 14, 2009

Afrika, Pixel Junk Shooter, Dirt 2, AC 2

Afrika (PS3) (2hr)

I have been waiting for this game to drop in price but I was afraid that they didn't press many copies so that it would eventually get scarce and drive the price up so I went ahead and purchased the game. If you like animals, nature, and camera's then this is a great game. If you want to shoot things or play a great action game then look elsewhere. I am always looking for something different to play so I do pick up so strange and different games but I do enjoy them and haven't made too many bad purchases.

In this game you go around an unexplored part of Afrika taking photo's of the wildlife to send back to your home base for research. There are about 70 different types of animals that you must find and take pictures of and you are rated by how well the pictures turn out. It is also like an rpg where you do get better equipment and camera's that you can make manual adjustmetns too so it could make you a better photographer. You must sneak up on the animals to take the photos or they will run away or attack depending on the animal, it is a unique experience that I really like. I had just upgraded to a camera that could take 3 continuous shots which really helped when I had to photograph a cheetah chasing an antelope. It may not be the most action packed game but there are some tense moments when you want to get a great shot but not sure how close the animal will let you get to them.

Pixel Junk Shooter (PSN) (1.5hr)

This is the 4th Pixel junk game and to me it's their best. I really liked Eden but the controls frustrated me at times but shooter has a really good physics engine with simple and addictive game play. You fly around levels picking up lost workman while avoiding enemies and the environment. Lava, smoke, water, and snow are all used to move around the level with some great puzzle elements. Your ship can shoot enemies but also the men you are trying to save so you have to be careful, I've shot quite a few of them and feel pretty bad once I hear there screams.

Dirt 2 (360) (2hr)

I have my car setup in my extra bedroom right now, it's easier than moving my beanbag and playseat around and I have a 50' Tv just sitting there. I am about 50% through and it's the racing game for me. I have Forza 3 but I like driving out in the open more than on a confined track. The wheel works pretty good once you get it setup and is so much more enjoyable than using a controller. I do like the first Dirt a little more because it has more rally races, Dirt 2 has more races with all cars on the track and there is too much bumping for my taste.

Assassin's Creed 2 (360) (6hr)

I am in Venice now which I think is the last city but I have 20 more vantaga points to find. The story is really good in this game and the way they use real historic buildings and events makes it that more immersive.

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