Thursday, October 1, 2009

360 RR, Bourne Identity, Tomb Raider Underworld, Shatter

360 RR (360) (0mn)

Went to play Rock band and turned on my 360 and I had one red light shining at me and then the screen displayed E74. So I go and register online and go to print my shipping label and the shipping label is just a box with a red x in it so no label. Ahrrggggg.... So I am out of the 360 gaming biz for a couple of weeks, maybe, I may just go and get an arcade version. I do want to buy the new bundle with the 250G HD so just bad timing on the error.

Bourne Identity (PS3) (1hr)

I had bought this awhile back and never really played it so I thru it in and had a good time until I hit a guy and then the sound cut out and it wouldn't come back and I didn't feel like reloading it so I switched games.

Tomb Raider Underworld (PS3) (1.5 Hr)

Sometimes I just like to climb and shoot stuff so I rented this and played the first level till I got stuck and got frustrated, seems to happen to me a lot lately. The game is pretty good it does have it's quirks but overall it's a fun game.

Shatter (PSN) (45mn)

I have about 2 levels to go before I finish this game. The soundtrack for the game is very good. I recommend this game to anyone who likes breakout.

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