Monday, October 26, 2009

Trine, Uncharted 2, Borderlands

Trine (PSN) (1hr)

This is a 3 player puzzle game that is pretty addicting. You control 3 different characters with different abilities and must navigate jumps, enemies and puzzles. It's one screen only coop which stinks since it would be a great online game. The graphics are really gorgeous and the puzzles can get pretty tough. In single player there is only one character on screen and you switch out the characters based on the skill you need in multiplayer all 3 characters are on the screen. It is really fun and should be a must get at $20.

Uncharted 2 (PS3) (4 HR)

Finished the game last night and the whole game is awesome with the action ramping up till the very end. Also played the co-op multiplayer and it is a lot of fun. The AI is brutal and the game play is hectic with all the different enemies you encounter you need to use cover. The biggest difference of this multiplayer is the platforming you do to get to good vantage points so you very rarely stay in the same place very long. This is a must buy and play for all gamers.

Borderlands (360) (15hr)

Man have I put in a lot of hours of this game and I have 3 characters that are level 15 or above. I've played through the first missions about 6 different times and they have all been a blast. This is just my type of game, shooting and leveling up with awesome weapons. I do wish there were more customizations in the characters look but other than that pure fun.

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