Friday, October 16, 2009

Uncharted 2, Brutal Legend, 30 Minute Hero

Uncharted 2 (Ps3) (2hr)

I went a little farther in the story. I'm trying to make this game last and not just play through to the finish and I am enjoying that. I tried the multiplayer last night and had a god time. I don't have a mike so I just played Deathmatch and got to level 4. When you gain levels you can open up basically perks when you start a match so I was able to unlock 2 perks. There are 3 other multi modes that I want to try when I can find the official PS3 Bluetooth headset.

Brutal Legend (360) (1hr)

Got a little farther but I am starting to see some minor things that could and should have been fixed. There is noticeable frame rate issues when you are driving around which bother me. When you start a side mission there is a little cut scene but it's the same dialog, if they could have changed the dialog for each one it wouldn't feel repetitive and you would look forward to them but as it is now you do get tired of it.

30 Minute Hero (PSP) (5 min)

This is a neat PSP game where you have 30 seconds to save the world. It is a full RPG where you level up and use weapons and have 30 seconds, you can gain time by praying, to find the enemy castle and defeat the boss.

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