Monday, October 5, 2009

Risen, Splosion Man, Canabalt, RB

Risen (PC) (3HR)

I got to play quite a bit of this game yesterday and I like it, I think it's a bit too hard but other than that I recommend this game. The graphics are really nice and with the real-time weather/days I had some "Wow" moments. The combat is tough in this game as a couple of hits will kill you, now I don't have any armor on and that may be the problem but I haven't found any yet. You are able to block and parry but you do have to level up your fighting skill to use it even though the tutorial task said I could do it when I first started. The enemies have various attack patterns that you need to adjust to when you try to block. Overall it feels good but I had to turn the difficulty down to easy on some fights but all that did was increase the amount of hits I could take.

What I really like about his game is the story. It is well done with good voice acting and it can be pretty funny at times especially when you are talking to a drunk person. It was developed by 2K Czeck games so I was surprised to find that there it all works well and nothing like other foreign games where the voice work is suspect.

Splosion Man (360) (30min)

I finished the first set of levels and defeated my first boss. If you haven't tried this yet go ahead and get the demo it is funny and a solid arcade game.

Canabalt (IPhone) (20min)

This is a neat little game where you run to the right and tap the screen to jump to see how far you can escape a city that is being invaded. My top score is 4300 feet.
It is a simple game but has nice graphics and sounds good. So for 1.99 pick it up.

RB (360) (1HR)

As you can see with the 360 games I picked up an 360 Arcade machine till I get my other back and it is loud. It was build Jun of this year and does have a smaller power supply but the disk drive can be loud. I also will have to re-rip the games to the hard drive if I want to play them from there as you will get a message that you can only play games that are installed to the hard drive if you have the original HD and xbox where it was installed. You still have to have the disk so I really don't understand this.

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