Friday, May 3, 2013

Gunnar Gaming Glasses, FC3 Blood Dragons

Gunnar Gaming Glasses
  • Thought I'd try a pair after reading some reviews and articles. I do stare at a screen for most of the day so I thought I'd do something to protect my eyes a little. Getting older sucks.
  •  I went with the official major league gaming version of the glasses, of course.
  • The yellow tint of the glass is the first thing you notice about them. They don't look that bad and closely resemble sunglasses.
  • I tried them first at home on the TV and I really liked it. The tint of the glasses did make the contrast better even though the white sand in the game was a little yellow.
  • By making the contrast greater it's supposed to help you notice enemies quicker in FPS. I haven't tried any multiplayer yet.
  • There is a bit of magnification in the lenses as well, it's not too much but it is noticable.
  • I brought them to work and didn't have the same experience. I'm not sure if I'm just used to the distance of my monitors, but I noticed my eyes feeling strange after about 10 minutes. I tried on my monitors at home and didn't have the same problem, maybe the lighting at work.
  • I do like how they make the games look so I'll keep using them and hope they are helping.
FAR CRY 3: Blood Dragons ($15)
  • If you liked Far Cry 3 and want more of it in an 80's setting then you need to pick this up right now.
  • It's a standalone total conversion of Far Cry 3. It uses the base assets of Far Cry and coats them with designs of 80's action movies.
  • The graphics filter they use is unique and it's fun to walk around an island filled with Blood Dragons.
  • What's a Blood Dragon? Only a glowing dragon that shoots lasers out of it's eyes, who can't see you when you are crouching, and you can lure to kill enemies by throwing their looted hearts.
  • The cinematic look like the old nintendo games that have the rectangular blocks of drawings with different parts moving. They are awesome.
  • The tutorial is pretty funny and the dialog is great as well except for the amount of cursing. Too bad there isn't an option to turn or mute it.
  • The gamplay feels like Far Cry 3, you are doing similar things but in a different world. Far Cry 3 played excellently and so does this version.

  • Leviathan: Warships - Another awesome trailer - thanks to Chad
  • Madden 2014 not coming to WiiU
  • Gta V trailers just came out and it looks awesome
  • Pinball FX2 coming to PC in May
  • Neverwinter MMO is now in public beta. Read some good things

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