Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RE5, Splelunky

RE5 (360) (3hr)

Hopefully should be finishing this game this week with Steven. I need to play the mercenaries mode more as I've only opened up 3 of the 10 stages. It is a mode where you are trying to kill waves of enemies in a timed event but the problem is the game's
controls aren't well suited for this. It is fun to play but the clunky controls make it harder than it should.

Spelunky (Pc) (1hr)

This is a free game on the PC and is coming to XBLA soon. It is a great game that is a rouge-like platform action game. I'm not sure how many levels there are but I've only made it to lvl 9 after playing 500 games. There are many ways to die and they happen often but usually because you are doing something wrong. The levels are randomly genterated so I haven't seen the same one twice and there are some neat ideas going on here. So go look it up if you want a good hard challenging game for free.

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