Monday, March 1, 2010

MW 2, PS3

It looks like my new 360 disk drive is going out so I'll be sending it in for repair this week good thing I have 3 of them. Sometimes I have to put in a disk 3 or 4 times before it will read, when I first got it it sounded loud and I knew then I might have a problem.

Also since I have a non-slim PS3 there are problems with that as well connecting to PSN and it could cause other problems so Heavy Rain until that gets fixed.

MW2 (360) (4hr)

Couldn't play multi last night due to some problems it was having with lag so George and I played SpecOps without a problem. SpecOps are awesome and difficult and I hope they release new content with new maps soon.


For some reason I've been wanted to play Zelda but not sure if I want to play Windwaker or Twilght. I want to finish both but usually after awhile just stop playing.

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