Monday, May 6, 2013

Dragon's Dogma, Episodes of Liberty City

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arising (360)

I've put quite a few hours into this game and I'm still going strong. I haven't spent this much time on my Xbox in probably a year. 
The game isn't the best game, but it has enough challenging and unique content to keep you from getting bored.

If they could mix the world and story of Skryim with DD's combat then that would be an awesome game.

The world in Dragons Dogma is pretty good though. The environments are large and there is a lot of content in them. It's not as dense as Skryrim and the NPC's aren't as interesting.

The combat is awesome as you can take on different professions which make you use different weapon combinations and larger skill trees. Some of the skills carry over from each profession so there is a lot of character customization.  I've changed professions 3 times so far and each one brings on new tactics you can use to keep the combat feeling fresh. I started as a fighter then quickly moved to an assassin so that I could use a bow with a sword. I didn't think I'd like the daggers too much but they give you an ability to double jump which is needed during exploration and after using them awhile I liked using them in combat. I then changed to an Mystic archer so I was using a magical bow which was almost as fun as the bow in Tomb Raider. I need to try magic and see how well that plays, there are some really cool spell effects, setting enemies on fire then calling up a tornado to carry them away is pretty awesome.

Every piece of armor and each weapon is modeled on your character and most of the stats are comparable so you can equip items that are more fashionable rather than just min/maxing. Each item does have different perks and some are relegated to certain professions. It is nice that you can find equipment early on that you like that you don't have to sell or never use just because another piece you find later has much better stats. When you use someone else's Pawn you can rate them based on their appearance which is cool.

The only gripe I have is that taking on some quests can cancel other quests and there is no indication of why or when that will happen. I've had 2 quests cancelled because of this which isn't game breaking but it would be nice to know.

I think I've put in about 30 hours and I'm not sure how far I'm into the game. I just got to the third huge area and a lot of the map is still hidden so the world is quite large. I am facing better enemies now so the challenge is remaining and I'm not feeling way overpowered. 

I just fought a Griffin which was pretty exciting, trying to run and jump on it's back before it takes off again and then as it lifts off the ground start attacking it's wings so that it will plummet to the ground and just before it hits you jump off and do a spinning dagger skill is very rewarding.

Episodes from Liberty City (Steam)

After the GTA V trailers I got the itch to go back into that world. I never finished the DLC so I thought I'd give it a shot.

I'm playing on 3 monitors and it looks and runs great. I'm maxed out and get about 40ftps, the game has a lot of physics.

I started out with the lost and the damned, the biker one, and it was ok. I got to a point where I died and had to start the whole mission over so then I tried the second DLC and the same thing happened again. I'm playing with a keyboard/mouse so the gun play works well but driving is very difficult. I need to see if I can use a controller at the same time which makes switching back and forth rather easy.

I did have an issue with the sound as I couldn't make the dialog louder and had a hard time hearing. I tried turning on the subtitles but trying to drive and read is not an easy thing to do. I ended up using my headphones and then everything sounds correct.

The game is still janky. While riding the motorcycles I constantly was being hit by my own gang and making me crash into cars and the environment.

I wish there was a language filter on the game as well, I don't enjoy hearing cuss words in every sentence.

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