Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Xbox One Metro Last Light

Metro Last Light

Hooked right from the start.

The sequel starts off with better pacing and just an overall better feeling game.

The game is still a linear shooter but with tons of atmosphere. The first hour is action packed and it was really hard to stop playing, well until my power went out.

Graphics are once again outstanding and the little touches make the world feel lived in.

They did change up the weapons as you can only have 3 main instead of 4. So far I haven't been able to purchase any guns or ammo which was immediate in the first game.

Stealth seems to play an important role in the game. Your watch glows when you can be seen so it's a little reminiscent of Thief.

The AI seems better as some enemies in the first game didn't react well and they are less bullet sponges. Getting a head shot feels rewarding and essential while in stealth.

So far I'm very impressed with the game and do recommend it to anyone that wants to play an interesting and unique shooter.

Xbox One

Watched the press conference and the device does seem pretty cool. They didn't show many games, but I expected that as E3 is only a couple of weeks away.

The name basically means one device for your living room. Most of the presentation revolved around media and accessing it quickly. The kinect integration, if to be believed, can switch between TV, music, games, and other apps in seconds which seemed to make it work better than a remote.

They are making a special Halo TV series just for Xbox with Steven Spielberg.

They did redesign the controller a bit and I like the look of it. They did change the d-pad and made each trigger have an independent rumble.

I couldn't really tell how much bigger/smaller it was than the slim 360 but it didn't seem overly large.

I'm not sure how it interacts with DirectTV or Cable but if it could act like a DVR then it could overtake the living room.

Here are the major buzzwords/phrases that caught my attention.

Feel alive


the one

Xbox one

New Controller

glossy hardware = fingerprints

no input switching

snap mode

multiple programs at once

the cloud

3 operation systems

rocket science

300,000 servers for xbox Live

living in persistent worlds

ea sports ignite

NFL Fantasy Football


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