Friday, May 24, 2013

Multiplayer Music?

Planetside 2 (Steam)

Robbie and Sean have put in over 200 hours so far into this f2p online shooter and way over $60 so this model does work if you can get crazy people to play your game. I've teamed up with them several times to play and spent most of the time lost and basically running all over the map only to get killed by the first person I saw then have to run back and repeat. There were a couple of times we got into a ship and was flying over the beautiful landscape and I got to reign down terror from the skies, well more like 5 shots before I would hit the wrong button and eject myself and fall to the ground in a crumpled mess. I would then have to respawn and run back so they could pick me up and then the whole cycle would repeat itself. There are some tutorial videos that I never watched that can ease you into the game, but you really need someone who knows that can guide you. I felt pretty bad asking the same questions over and over about where I was going and how to upgrade my guns, and what color is the enemy. The game is gorgeous looking if you have an Intel processor, on AMD you are lucky to get 15fps running the lowest settings. The game is CPU bound, even with my Titan I can get maybe 30fps on high settings in intense battles, my GPU is barely running but the CPU is taxed.

Last night we got on and I had a great time. I still haven't spent any money on the game so my guns and things I can use are limited but I was able to kill a couple of enemies in a row. The player list is large so you can get into some huge battles with tanks, ships, sundries, four wheelers, and just be amazed at all the commotion going on. You have medics healing fallen comrades and mechanics fixing smoking tanks. Those battles are all out crazy and just watching it from afar is really cool as a base falls to the attacker. We had the most fun taking out the smaller bases. In one instance we where on a small fast vehicle and came across a tank, Sean was driving and I was the gunner and we started shooting at him to divert his attention from Rob who was coming with a bigger tank,our plan worked as he came over a hill and Rob took him out quickly. Another instance Sean and I, Rob lost his connection, were on foot attacking a tank and was actually able to keep him at bay for a long while. He had to retreat for maintenance and came back and we ran him off again, usually I get one hit by the tank and it's over so that was a fun engagement. Once you start learning the game it gets better, they need to do a better job of making the game more accessible. They did release a VR tutorial mode where you can drive every vehicle and test every gun so that helps as you need to buy better guns and vehicle upgrades using cert points. You can get cert points slowly by just playing the game and gaining experience, but you can also buy them with money, I haven't spent anything yet and have been able to upgrade some of my stuff after playing around 6 hours so you really don't need to spend anything to have a good time. When I bought my Titan I got $50 worth of playstation points so I'm waiting on a triple bonus day and see if I can use it then.


There are a couple of bands I'd like to see so I'll be going at least 2 nights. Daughtry is decent, he was supposed to be this rocker on American Idol but his albums have sounded mostly like pop rock with catchy tunes. There isn't much heavy guitar but women like him so hopefully there will be something to look at. Saturday night is Black Stone Cherry which I'm excited to see. I've seen them in concert a few times and they put on a great show. The first time was at Juanitas and before the show I thought they were the guitar techs for another band. They play a more bluesy rock, at least on their first 2 albums, the latest one was over produced and tried to reach a broader market, I was disappointed. Lonely train is a rocking song. Sugar Ray might be fun, I've never listened to Bush. Peter Frampton is the star on Sunday night, but I'm not sure I feel like he do.

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