Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grid 2

Grid 2 (Steam)

Been playing a few racing games in preparation for the new Grid on my new setup and racing games are awesome on triple screens. I did have a little trouble getting the original Grid setup to use the wide resolution, I had to go into the xml settings file and make some updates. My wheel also had some small issues, but I was able to work them out. I still had to use my keyboard though because of the flashback feature that lets you rewind if you make a mistake, for some reason I can initiate the flashback, but you have to press F12 in order to accept your location. I have the same issue in the Dirt titles as well. All of these issues are fixed in Grid 2. The game has native multiple monitor support so the HUD is on the middle screen. It recognized my Wheel and even had specific configurations so setup was easy. All the advance wheel settings looked to be pre-setup, I had read they used the CSR to be the main wheel they used in development.

Grid 2 leans more to the arcade side of racing with a touch of simulation. It isn't Forza or Gran Turismo and it isn't Need for Speed, it sits in the middle. Codemasters created a special True Driving model that has no assist options that you can set like in the past games. They wanted to simplify the actual driving experience so that you could really feel the difference in driving various cars. Most of the forums have negative feedback about this saying the game is casual and not a simulation. I partially agree, the driving is fun and is more accessible, but you still have to use good driving principles or you will likely crash. The casual side for me is in the collisions, I'm able to crash into barriers and other cars like a Need for Speed game and still zoom around the track. There is some mechanical damage that you can inflict, I had one instance where I had to drive with the wheel turned to the left to keep the car straight, but for the most part you can fly around the track and not care who or what you hit. I played the first Grid the week prior and I can notice the difference between the driving models. I wish the driving model was somewhere between the two games, Grid was too rigid while Grid 2 is too relaxed.

The single and multi-player are distinct experiences so you have to unlock cars separately which is a bummer. I've played about 20 online matches and they've been really fun. There have been a couple of times it was a crashfest, but for the most part people drove realistically. They have a ton of different race types to keep the game interesting. I was in a lobby of 12 people, some events we all raced together and it others it was me vs one other racer. If a racer is backing up or going the wrong way it will make that car a ghost so that they can't grief the other racers.

There isn't a cockpit view in the game so that's another bummer. I'm using the bonnet cam which is fine and does make it easier to see the track. The graphics look great and they have a lot of atmospheric additions to the track. While racing in California through a winding road though a forest leaves will float across the road, or a squirrel will scamper across. Each of the 14 locations is very detailed and some take place in cites so you can be racing in downtown Chicago under the train tracks, the shadows look awesome. In single player you have 5 flashbacks(rewinds) per race, it works basically the same as in the previous racing games.

  • Blizzard Cancels Titan and moves most developers to other projects.
  • Arrested Development was watched on Netflix by half of Xbox Netflix users. Between 10 - 15 percent watched every episode in 2 days.  I watched the first 4 episodes and they are pretty good. I've read they continue to get better.
  • Call of Duty:Ghosts is not using a new engine on Xbone, iterative of old engine.
  • Scrolls goes on sale next week with open beta. Minecraft creators new game.
  • Dayz creator climbed mount Everest, game coming to Steam early access soon.

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