Monday, May 13, 2013


On Friday I got a Pain-free deep muscle Swedish massage at Thai-me in Hot Springs. The contract that I had to sign did say that if you made any kind of sexual reference the massage would stop immediately and you would have to pay for a full session, that was one expensive ten second joke, just kidding, the masseuse was an older lady so no problems there. It wasn't exactly pain-free though, as she had some bony elbows. 80 minutes went by quickly.

On Saturday I drove to Russellville with my Dad in his SC430 Lexus with the top down on Highway 7 North for a graduation.It was a beautiful day and the drive was fun with tons of curves and hills. That car has take off power, which my Camry has little, well, no take off power, so I was finally able to pass some cars. There wasn't too much traffic so we got there in good time.

After the graduation, that lasted about an hour, we went to the Front Street Restaurant in downtown Dardenalle. From the outside it didn't look like a place you wanted to enter but we got the last table outside overlooking the river. They were having Yell county days on the river and there was a big party with rides, music, and fireworks. We did see John Daly in the restaurant and some of my family got pictures with him, not sure why.They had some of the best crab legs I've eaten in a while so if you are in the neighborhood I do recommend them.

It was about 10pm when we left and I needed to get a Mothers day card, I left my other one at my house, so I found the first place that was open and it was a supermarket. I found the card and went to the checkout and the cashier said that will be $7.57. I couldn't believe it but paid anyway because I didn't think I'd find anywhere else.We got back on the road and after a block there was a 24-hour Walmart. I passed in disgust.

Sunday we went to Coltons and I had the second worst steak the day, my dad had the worst. We both got Rib-eyes and both were probably horse meat instead of cow. We had more meat on our plate after eating than before. Never go to a steak house on a busy day.

iPad Woes

I got my dad an iPad about 2 years ago which he never used but not since he's retired he has more time and so I had to get it setup.

It's a iPad 1 with 3G so 3 weeks ago I tried to sign backup and found out that the Sim card expired and I would need a new one.

I gave my dad this task and he went to the AT&T store and when I came down on Friday he did have service but not the one I wanted.

I didn't know they had a post-pay service, but when you go to the store they will set you up on this plan unless you say you want session based pricing, or pre-pay. So his was setup this way and there was a $36 activation fee to go along with this plan plus some other fees.

I called up and support said I'd have to go back to the store and get a new Sim card.

We tried to go Saturday before the graduation but when we got there it was packed and would be a 30 minute wait so we passed until Sunday.

On Sunday I get the new Sim card and take the iPad home and when I try to sign up it says no service. In another place it said SIM card not provisioned. So I called support again and that took about 25 minutes, they at first wanted me to go back to the store but that was a 20 minute drive. They eventually found the problem and had to set me up on a plan first then that activated my Sim card and I was all set.

Technology is not making things easier.

He did max out his 250Mb limit on the post pay account in about an hour. Looking at maps takes up a lot of data. I'm not sure if anyone can use less than 250MB a month unless they never turn it on. They got rid of the 2GB plan for $25 and now it's $30 for 3GB. Still way to expensive.

What I'm Buying this week.

Metro Last Light (Steam)
Pinball FX  (Steam)

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