Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MW2, RB2

RB2 (360) (1Hr)

Trying to keep my routine of an hour a day and I have started to see some improvements. I am trying some new techniques with double kicks in hopes it will
make them easier. I ordered a clamp and stand for my drums so that I can mount the
GH4 controller to my kit it was pretty expensive at around $28 but it should look nicer now.

MW2 (360) (7hr)

I had intentions of playing Assassins Creed 2 last night but Steven was on so I put in MW2 and never took it out. We had a good group with Joe, Steven, and Brad, we did have some trouble connecting but it was fun. I am getting better and finally got the ACR gun which I really like but I had to get to level 48 to get it. Brad quit at around 1 so I was going to play until 1:30 but I got in with a pretty good group of guys that liked to talk and I played with them until 3 which was late but I was doing well and usually in the top 2 players so it was hard to quit.

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