Monday, November 16, 2009

Game Overload

Well after 100 postings I needed a little time off. I get 3 weeks vacation and still had almost 2 weeks so I had to use some and what better time then the November game rush. It could have been much worse but so many titles were delayed until next year that we get about a month in a half break from new releases.

So what did I do on my Vacation? For starters, I got the new Modern Warfare 360 bundle. I wanted the 250G hardrive and this was the only way, for now, to get it and I'm glad I did, but I spent a lot of time re-downloading all of my content. I had about 12G of RB songs and some other arcade games and even though you get a list of all that you've downloaded there isn't a button that will do this automatically so it takes time. The do allow you to queue upto 30 items which was a great improvement over the last limit of 6. I then had a problem of getting my save games over so I did have an arcade with built in memory so I had to use that and switch my HD around.

Once all that was done I finally played some COD2 and it is awesome. I am playing the campaign at the Hardened level and it's too chaotic, there is so much happening that it's almost not fun. A few of the missions are awesome but I may tone down the difficulty just to get through the game then go back and replay later.

The Spec op mode is really fun as it takes some of the best moments of the game and allows you to play that with a friend either split screen or online. I really like this mode and there are 23 challenges which should take quite a bit of time.

Then there is the online multi and it just added and greatly improved every area of the previous version. They have added more and more RPG elements from the weapons you unlock to different versions of the perks that there is always something that you will want to unlock. By doing different things within the game you will open up call signs and buttons that get displayed on the person you just killed. Another nice feature is the last kill cam that shows the last kill in slow motion.

I also picked up the Super Mario Bro Wii and it's platforming goodness.

Tomorrow is the release of Assassins Creed 2 which from what I've read should be a great game that I am looking forward too.

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