Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dragon Age, Lego Rock Band, Beatles Book

Dragon Age (Steam) (1HR)

I wasn't sure which platform to get this on. The reviews are saying that the PC is the better version with updated graphics, a streamlined control scheme, and a harder difficulty, but I do like to play on my SumoSac on the big screen. After a long debate I got the PC version and moved my PC to my projector so I should have the best of both worlds.

I put Windows 7 on my main machine and I really like it but I did have a problem with Steam. When I tried to run the old Steam from it's library it needed some service started and I let it run for a while and it didn't seem to work. I had to uninstall it but when you do it erases all of your game data so I just moved all of that to another folder and reinstalled then copied the games back and it was done. It wasn't too painful but took some time. I really do like steam and it's one of the best services out there for PC gaming.

I am playing a Human Warrior, there are 2 other character types with each having 2 unique starting stories so I may try others before going on the main quest. I set the game to normal at the start but then decided I wanted to experience the story and not worry about having to retry combat over and over so we'll see how easy it is and I may change it later but I've read that the difficulty is not consistant so we will see. I did have to turn on VSYNC to stop the tearing on the cutscenes. I have the game running max at 1900X1800 and not seeing any problems or slowdowns so it does run well. The voice acting is well done with a little humor added in and I am liking the story but I haven't made many decisions yet which is supposed to be a big part of the game.

Lego Rock Band (360) (30min)

I like the concept of this game but not a big fan of the music. The Lego integration into Rockband is good and the funny cutscenes that are in Lego games are here as well and they are really funny. There is one where a construction crew is trying to destroy a building but are unable too so he calls on your band to play outside of it using the loud music to destroy the building. As you are playing the song you see parts of the building crumble and blow up and it is entertaining to watch.

It has 45 tracks which can be imported into RB which I will do when I get my COD MW2 new 360. The starting songs are really easy as I was able to Gold Star about 8 out of 10 there are some tough songs so it's not to bad. I went to quickplay and took a quick listen of the songs and wasn't too impressed it had some good songs but not sure that is has enough to justify the price. It is $49 but costs $10 to import the songs so I may just do that then trade it in.

Here, There and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of the Beatles (Book) (2HR)

I needed a book to read and saw this on Amazon and I picked it up and it's very good.
My favorite books are autobiographies and this is the biography of a sound engineer who recorded the Beatles later in their career. It's a really neat book because he has some good technical stories about recording and some of the tricks they used to get certain sounds out of the instruments and vocals. There are some neat stories about the Beatles and does give some insight into the band. He was there when they brought in a session drummer for Ringo on their second recording session, and another when a mob of girls broke into the building where they were recording at and had to tackle a fan that was about to do who knows what to Ringo.

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