Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dragon Age, Logitech G13

Dragon Age (PC) (2HR)

I'm still playing from my CozySac, different maker than SumoSac but same thing only cheaper, in the dining room and still liking it. I am having a problem reading red text though on the tactics screen. The text is already a little small at 1900X1200 but not too bad but for some reason reading the red text where you setup certain tactics are impossible to read and I'm not sure if it's the game or my color blindness and there's no way to change the color but not that big of a deal. I do like the character interactions but I do miss the Mass Effect dialog where you picked the text and he would say something similar but not exactly as the displayed text, there is no voice work for your character so you click an option and then the other characters respond.

The combat is getting harder and I died for the first time in normal difficulty but then I tried again with a different tactic and succeded although I did have to micromanage quite a bit as one character kept wandering off to fight enemies by himself which is bad plan.

Logitech G13 (PC) $55

I ordered this through Amazon and it should be delivered today. It's a keyboard peripheral that has 25 programmable buttons and a joystick and I hope it makes playing on the CozySac a little more comfortable as my keyboard is a little large and it doesn't sit well while I'm laying down. I'll have more impressions maybe tomorrow because I'll be playing Borderlands tonight.

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