Friday, November 6, 2009

Borderlands, Vacation

Borderlands (360) (6Hr)

Delving once again into Pandora we embarked on a 4 man journey to find the lost vault. I have spent 40+ hours wandering, shooting, and dying trying to fulfill my destiny and cement my name being the first 1000 Achievement point conquest. It is a land filled with skags, soldiers, crabs, and flying RAAKS that relentlessly try and sabatoge our quest. But we will not fail we will succeed, we are the IT Crew.


I am on a week vacation and glad of it. So many games to get played. I'm getting the MW2 360 on Tuesday so will be playing a ton of that. We'll see if the servers are able to keep up with the demand I hope they do but if they don't it will give me a chance to play the single player campaign. What will you play first?

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