Monday, October 6, 2014

Shadow of Mordor, Forza Horizon 2

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
  • I've put about 16 hours into the game and about half-way through and having a great time.
  • It's an open world game that is a mixture of Assassins Creed traversal and Batman combat and it works very well.
  • Moving through the world is satisfying and I haven't had any miss-jumps like in AC.
  • The combat is very reminiscent of the Batman games and it does have a nice flow to it.  There are some gruesome animations so you probably don't want to play this in front of children or wife/gf they will give you strange looks.
  • Lord of the Rings isn't in the name but there is a ton of lore from the books and has some characters from the movies.
  • The graphics look great and there are ultra textures that require 6gb of video ram, I tried it with my Titan and didn't notice that much difference, I didn't play it on there very long though,. 
Nemesis System
  • The best part of the game is the Nemesis system and it's awesome and I hope it gets incorporated into other games.
  • The Orcs that you fight have a command structure with Warlords, Captains, and grunts each with their own power level. 
  • If you defeat an Orc he will lose his position and another one will take his place. They will also fight each other and gain power and levels as well. 
  • If you die to an Orc he will be promoted and given an upgrade to his power.  I've died to one Orc 4 or 5 times and he has escalated his way from a grunt to a captain and he lets me know about our encounters every time we meet. 
  • This game play hook actually gives you in game rivals that have an emotional attachment which is great.  When I see him on the battlefield I really want to take him down.
  • Each of the Orcs have their own strengths and weaknesses which you can learn by interrogating other orcs or finding documents and you will need this information or you will die quickly.
  • Some Orcs can't be attacked by some methods so you have to adjust your fighting style with each encounter which keeps things interesting.
Forza Horizon 2
  • I didn't think I was going to buy this because of the lack of support for my Fanatec wheel but I caved and it's a great game even on a joypad.  I am getting a new wheel that will support it around December though. 
  • I played the original Horizon and thought it was good, but it's a lot better now with the improved visuals and minimal load times.  That has always been my issue with console race games, the long load times. 
  • The game looks stunning and the cars are super detailed and can be modified any way that you want as long as you have the time.  Some of the car designs are incredible.
  • This is an arcade racer with some simulation mixed in and I think they got the balance correct.  You aren't driving on set tracks a lot of the time and the most fun is going off road and the world is huge. 
  •  The game uses the Forza 5 driveatar system and it works OK, It uses names from your friends list so I saw Servoth driving around in a Lamborghini and didn't think he had the game. 
  • There is a ton of content to the game, I think there are 164 different races and hundreds of collectibles that should keep you busy for a long time. 
  • The game is just a fun way to unwind.  Driving in an beautiful HD world with music blaring from the speakers in an exotic sports car. 
New releases - Well fall is here and that means it's time to release games.  Not going to mention how many games I'm buying this October but it's a bunch.  Vib Ribbon is finally out on PS3 and Vita!!!


Alien: Isolation (download - $50) - Purchased and downloaded and will have impressions later in the week.
Costume Quest 2 (download - $15) - First game was really good
NBA 2K15 (download - $60) - Always stunning looking.
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (download - $30) - A really overlooked gem.  It's out on the new consoles as well.
Final Fantasy XIII (download - $16) - On PC I can't believe it.  The whole trilogy is coming out in the next months.
Ryse: Son of Rome (download - $40) - Have on the Xbone wish I would have waited.
Styx: Master of Shadows (download - $30) - Looks interesting.
Project Spark (download)
Crow (download)
Project D Online (download)
Metal Dead (download)
A Golden Wake (download)

PlayStation 4

DriveClub - Tempted to pick this up as well. There is a small version for PS+ members that I will try out. 
Alien: Isolation
NBA 2K15
Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition
Styx: Master of Shadows (download)
Spelunky (download)
Pix the Cat (download)
Divekick: Addition Edition (download) - A very fun easy to control fighting game. Only uses 2 buttons.

Xbox One

Project Spark
Alien: Isolation
NBA 2K15
Forza Motorsport 5 GOTY Edition
Ryse: Son of Rome Legendary Edition
Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition

Xbox 360

Alien: Isolation
NBA 2K15
PlayStation 3
Alien: Isolation
NBA 2K15
Jet Car Stunts (download)
Strider 2 (PS1 Classic) (download)


Vib Ribbon

Wii U

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (download)
Art of Balance (download)


Pix the Cat (download)
Jet Car Stunts (download)
Vib Ribbon

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