Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fantasia, Legend of Grimrock 2, South Park Pinball, The Evil Within, Bayonetta 2 Demo

  • This game is made by Harmonix who developed my favorite game, Rock Band. 
  • The game has you directing music like Mickey Mouse did in Disney's animated classic, Fantasia and it's a ton of fun and the best use of the kinect sensor other than Dance Central.
  • The game comes with 33 songs and I bought the digital deluxe version that adds another 30 songs.
  • Fantasia does let you remix the songs while playing. each song has at least 3 variants so it does mix up the game a bit and adds some user creativity.
  • I am having some issues with the timing and I think it's due to the calibration, I'm still working on getting it perfect.
  • It starts off with a long tutorial and there is an involved story mode but you can goto the options and turn on the free play which will open up every song.
  • There isn't any online multiplayer, it does support 2 local players which I haven't tried yet.
  • The music is varied and I've enjoyed some of the songs that I wouldn't normally listen too. 
  • If you have an Xbox one with the Kinnect then you should get this game. 
Legend of Grimrock 2 (Steam)
  • The first game was a great dungeon crawler like Dungeon Master and was a mix of combat and puzzle solving.
  • The sequel opens up with more puzzles and has outside areas so you aren't confined to the dungeon any more.
  • The combat is real time so you will be moving around quite a lot avoiding attacks and you need to be aware of your surrounding so you don't get cornered.
  • I kind of wish it was turn-based as I feel like I'm square dancing around the enemies but you do get used to it.
  • The game has some tough puzzles at the start and I think it has more puzzles that combat this time around.
  • So far I've enjoyed the game and hope to spend more time with it.
Pinball FX2 - South Park Pinball
  • I've really enjoyed the tables of Pinball FX2 and they just released 2 South Park tables and they are great.
  • There is one table that has all the characters and one dedicated to Butters and I like each one equally.
  • Each board has some really funny sound clips depending on what you hit.  I laugh each time I hear Timmy say his name.
  • Each character has a goal for the table and I've only completed a couple.  It's pretty tough.
  • Definitely recommend if you are a South Park fan.
The Evil Within
  • I'm up to Chapter 6 now.  I'm playing a chapter a night and the game is becoming more combat focused than stealth.
  • It's probably the goriest game that I've played especially when the long haired woman creature kills you, I have to turn my head.
  • It's not as good as RE4 but it's a decent game that you should probably play once it drops in price.
  • The biggest issue is the black borders, they say it's for a cinematic experience but it does hinder the game play at times.
Bayonetta 2 Demo(WiiU)
  • The demo is awesome and I will be picking up the game on Friday and have impressions next week.
  • The demo is one level but it's a level you won't forget there is so much happening.
  • It's crazier than the first game which I thought would be impossible.
New Releases - Quite a few releases this week and I have two on my radar.  Fantasia by Harmonix on Xbox One and Bayonetta 2 on the WiiU

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth (download - $50) - Getting decent reviews, but I'll pass.
The Legend of Korra (download) - Same developer as Bayonetta 2 but mediocre reviews.
Dreamfall Chapters (download - $35)
Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror (download) - Ehh.
Screencheat (download - $15)
Devil's Dare (download)
Time Rifters (download)
Prophour23 (download)
Squishy the Suicidal Pig (download - $6) - No idea.
Sign Motion (download)
Enforcer: Police Crime Action (download)
Sproggiwood (download)

PlayStation 4

Just Dance 2015
The Walking Dead: Season Two (retail)
Samurai Warriors 4
The Legend of Korra (download)
Shadow Warrior (download) - Loved the game on PC.   Awesome fun game.
Escape Goat 2 (download)
Race the Sun (download)
Fluster Cluck (download)

Xbox One

Disney's Fantasia: Music Evolved
Just Dance 2015
The Legend of Korra (download)

Xbox 360

Disney's Fantasia: Music Evolved
The Legend of Korra (download)

PlayStation 3

The Voice: I Want You
The Walking Dead: Season Two (retail)
The Legend of Korra (download)
Race the Sun (download)

Wii U

Bayonetta 2
Just Dance 2015
The Voice: I Want You
Pier Solar and the Great Architects (download)
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (download)


The Walking Dead: Season Two (retail)
Race the Sun (download)

Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Art Academy
Fantasy Life
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (download)

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