Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bayonetta 2, Lords of the Fallen, Deals, Ipad Air 2

Bayonetta 2 (WiiU)
  • I loved the first game and this one is no exception they ramp'd up the craziness even more.
  • If you never played the first game then you are in luck it's included making this a great deal.
  • It's your basic 3rd person beat'em up action game and it's awesome.
  • There are a ton of moves to learn and you can still button mash some and still survive.
  • The game does have a cheeky and dark sense of humor with some sexiness mixed in, it's a mature game.
  • The lead character is a woman who uses her hair as clothing and when she summons monsters the hair is used so you may not want to play with your wife/gf around as you may get some strange stares, there is no nudity but it can be awkward.
  • You are ranked in each level based on a variety of stats so there is a ton of replay value. 
  • There are tons of things to unlock so this game could keep you busy for awhile.
  • If you own a WiiU then you should get this game. 
Lords of the Fallen(Steam)
  • Ever wanted to play Dark Souls but were too afraid of the difficulty?
  • The game is in the style of Dark Souls but is more accessible and forgiving.
  • It's still more challenging than most games so if you just rush into combat you will die.
  • The graphics look great and I like the art style, I've read quite a few complaints about it but I like the World of Warcraft look.
  • The game has NG+ and NG++ after that the game ends so there is some replay value. 
  • I've put in 4 hours and beaten 3 bosses and really enjoyed what I've played.  It's not a button masher, the combat takes some patience and rewards timing and technique instead of fast action which makes the action feel realistic. 
  • I love Dark Souls and I'm glad other games are taking some it's ideas and putting their spin on them. 
Deals - Don't Miss this Deal - If you plan on buying more than 3 games in the next 2 years.
  • Best buy is offering their Game Club Ultimate for $30 if you purchase any game over 39.99 this week or the next.
  • The GCU gives you 20% off any new game purchased for the next 2 years so it's worth it.
  • Also if you are going to buy Call of Duty Advanced Warfare you can trade in Ghosts for $20 or Black Ops 2 for $15 plus get a $10 reward cert as well so if you buy the GCU you can get the game for around $25 for a brand new game.  You need to trade in the game before Nov 1.
Ipad Air 2
  • I had the Ipad 3 and it was starting to show it's age as there was some slowdown when switching apps and playing certain games so I picked up the Air 2 and it's great.
  • The thing is lightening fast and is quite a bit lighter so it was a substantial upgrade.
  • The only thing that is strange is that it's so thin when I use the built in speakers they vibrate the whole device if I have the volume more than half way. 

New Releases - A ton of new releases.  Why don't they release some of these in July?  My pick is Lords of the Fallen kind of like Dark Souls but not as punishing.  Sunset Overdrive is getting some really positive reviews.


Lords of the Fallen (download - $50)
Woah Dave! (download)
Mythos: The Beginning (download)
Fabula Mortis (download)
Skara - The Blade Remains (download)
Daedalus - No Escape (download)
Zero Point (download)
BlazeRush (download)
The Forest of Doom (download)
Dark Arcana: The Carnival (download)
Farming Simulator 15 (download - $30)
NS2: Combat (download)
Gold Rush Anniversary (download)
Buzz Aldrin's Space Program Manager (download)
Solidface 2D/3D Parametric CAD (download)

PlayStation 4

WWE 2K15
NBA Live 15
Lords of the Fallen
SingStar (download)
Costume Quest 2 (download - $15)
Home (download)
#KillAllZombies (download)
The Unfinished Swan (download)

Xbox One

Sunset Overdrive
WWE 2K15
NBA Live 15
Lords of the Fallen
Xbox 360
WWE 2K15
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze

PlayStation 3

WWE 2K15
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze
SingStar (download)
Costume Quest 2 (download - $15)
Blood of the Werewolf (download)
MX vs. ATV Supercross (download)
Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops (download)

Wii U

Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones (download)
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (download - Virtual Console)
Demon's Crest (download - Virtual Console)
Gargoyle's Quest II (download - Virtual Console)


Freedom Wars
The Unfinished Swan (download)
Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops (download)
Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror (download)

Nintendo 3DS

Big Hero 6: Battle in the Bay
Woah Dave (download)
Gargoyle's Quest II (download - Virtual Console)

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