Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wolf Among Us, Lightening Storm, Game Room

The Wolf Among Us (Steam)

A Tell Tale game similar to the Walking Dead but in the Fable(not the Lionhead games) universe.  I don't read comics so I wasn't familiar with the Fable universe.  Basically all the fairy tale characters are living in New York and they use glamours(magic) to make themselves take human form so they can live among us.  The main character is Bigby, the big bad wolf, the sheriff of the town and has to try to maintain peace among the fable characters so they won't be noticed by real people. 

The final chapter released last week and I waited until all 5 were available before I started playing.  I've finished the game last night and I really enjoyed it.  The game is an adventure game that relies heavily on story and dialog choices, each choice is supposed to have some lasting effects later in the story.  The game looks great and the voice work is excellent.  The actual game play is limited to walking around and
for action sequences they use some cool quick time events which are very enjoyable and actually make the fights intense.  The game has some good extra material that gives you more information about each character and progresses as the story moves along. 

The final episode did refer back to a lot of the choices i made in the earlier episodes and the ending was satisfying once i got it working.  The game's final scene bugged out on me but it took me awhile to figure that out, I thought that it was a dream sequence or something, dialog boxes with no choice and floating heads in one scene.  I restarted the game and it worked fine. 

If you liked the Walking Dead Tell Tale game you should give this a shot.  I can't wait for the Game of Thrones Tell Tale game. 

Lightening Storm

A neighbor's tree about 20 yards from my house was hit by lightening last night while I was watching TV and I lost some equipment.  I thought it had hit my house at first, it was a weird sensation followed by a huge thump and the ground shaking.  I didn't know the tree was hit until an hour later once the rain stopped and I could go outside. One of the neighbors said she saw a huge fireball.  My fire alarm started beeping for about 5 minutes afterward. 

Here is what I lost:
Mac-Mini - Won't power up so hopefully just the power supply. 
Receiver can output one signal to two sources and I lost the 2nd source that I was watching. I bought an Hdmi switcher that should work until I can get it fixed.
The HDMI cable that was running to my TV and receiver.  It had a special chip to help the signal with the long cable length which probably is why it broke my receiver. 
Network Switch - Have 7 devices connected and all of them appear to be working once I replaced this with my backup.

Game Room

Got some heavy use this weekend.  I had a party of 8 on Saturday and they played darts, ping pong, pinball, and did some racing and everything worked without any major issues which isn't normal.  I had 11 people over last night and they danced and watched a movie, two people spent about 3 hours just racing.  I did have an issue with the racing rig, for some reason the pedals do not register if I leave them plugged in and the PC goes to sleep so I have to reset them, I'm not sure if it's the pedals or the usb hub.  I finally had some challenge at the ping pong table and actually lost 3 games to 2, we had some great rallies and I won one game off a ceiling shot, house rules are cool. 

​New Releases - Not much this week.


Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut (download - $15) - Re-re-release of a good game.
Wayward Manor (download)
Abyss Odyssey (download - $15) - Looks interesting.  A procedurely generated rouge-like mixed with fighting games like Street Fighter.
Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers (download - $10) -  I think you can actually build some decks in this version.
Light (download)
Aperture Gun: The Paintball Testing Initiative (download, Portal 2 required)

PlayStation 4

Crimsonland (download) - Crazy co-op game where you kill tons of things.

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