Monday, July 7, 2014

Divinity: Original Sin, Shovel Knight, LG 34UM95

Divinity: Original Sin (Steam)

Reminds me of the original Baldur's Gate games of old which is a good thing, an isometric RPG with turn based combat.  The game is the 3rd in a series of Divine Divinity games, the other 2 games were real time combat like Diablo but the team always wanted to do a turn based version but the publisher would never let them.  So after a successful kick starter campaign they were finally able to create the game they always wanted and it's really good. 

The game has some gorgeous visuals and I'm really digging the soundtrack.  I've bought a couple of soundtracks recently and I"ll have some impressions on those later this week, game music is getting really good.  You can control a group of adventurers or you could  play the entire campaign in co-op mode which I would like to try at some point.  The RPG aspects of the game are on par with other current RPG's and the story has been decent. The dialog has been funny at times and since I've gotten the Pet Pal perk which allows you to talk to animals sometimes it's hilarious, the dialog with the dog in the elementary was really good.

The world is full of environmental puzzles and obstacles which also come into play in the combat.  The combat is turn based which gives you a lot of time to plan a tactical assault.  You could shoot a water barrel that covers the area with water then do a freeze spell so that any person trying to walk over that area will slip and fall.  There are so many different ways to approach combat  that turn based was the only way to go. 

So far I've put about 7 hours into it and I'm still in the first city.  The areas outside the city are pretty tough so I need to complete a couple of more town quests before I venture out again.  I've really liked what I've played so far and they have released an editor so I hope to see some cool mods after I've finished the game.  If you long for the RPG's of the early 2000's then you should give this game a chance.

Shovel Knight (3DS)

Made my way through a couple of more bosses so I"m a bit over halfway through.  The game is still awesome but it is getting a bit tougher and my progress has slowed some.  I need to go back to the earlier levels and see if there is any gold that I missed, the problem is the over world map is populated by mini-bosses  and they are usually blocking my path and they've been really tough to defeat.  I'm still enjoying the music and 3D for $15 this is a must buy.

LG 34UM95

One of the best monitors that I've ever used and the only thing that could make it better is if it was curved.  The monitor is a massive 34 inches wide and has an aspect ration of 21:9.  It's like the other monitor that I purchased a couple of months ago, but the resolution is 3440x1440 which is perfect for this size of screen.  I'm using this monitor on my Obutto so I'm probably not going back to using 3 monitors.  The monitor is wide enough that it gives me enough peripheral vision that I really don't need the other 2 monitors.  If I only used the computer for racing games then I might have stuck with the 3 monitors but since I play other types of games there the bigger monitor is the best choice.  The problem with 3 screens is that the two side monitors are not full resolution so they are distorted, as long as you don't focus on them you don't notice, so on racing games it doesn't matter. 

I really like the resolution, I thought about 4K, but there are a couple of issues with that many pixels.  The graphics power needed to run at 4k is even more than my single Titan can handle and maybe even 2 of them.  The other issue is that at that resolution the text in windows is pretty small so I'd have to use the Magnifier tool which I had to use when I tried the surface pro and did not like that feature.  The tech world isn't really ready for 4K yet but the monitor and TV people want to push that to sell new devices.  Sony was working on OLED screens which are awesome and can be curved easily but they put that on the back burner because of 4K.

New Releases - Quite a few PC games but not much on the consoles.  The Wolf Among Us final episode comes out this week so I'll finally start playing that game.  Also Another World is out on PS4/vita one of my all time favorite games.


The Wolf Among Us - Episode 5 (download - $25) - Gotten decent reviews.
Super Comboman (download)
Q*bert (download) - Not sure what this is.
Retrobooster (download)
Three Dead Zed (download)
Claire (download)
Whispering Willows (download)
The Terrian Saga: KR-17 (download)
4PM (download)
Super Lemonade Factory (download)
Stained (download)

PlayStation 4

Another World (download)

Xbox 360

The Wolf Among Us - Episode 5 (download - $25)

PlayStation 3

One Piece: Unlimited World Red
The Wolf Among Us - Episode 5 (download - $25)
Another World (download)
Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death (download)


Another World (download)

Nintendo 3DS

One Piece: Unlimited World Red

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