Monday, June 2, 2014

Reno, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Mario Kart 8


Sorry for the lack of a post last week I was on vacation in Reno with my Dad, he worked on radars in the air force and they had a convention last week so I went with him.  I've been to Las Vegas many times but never visited Reno and it didn't start off very well.  The plane ride was very turbulent and then we got about 10 feet above the runway and then the engines started up again and we were off, about 5 minutes later the pilot came onto explain that the wind had shifted at the last minute and they decided to pull up and land from a different direction.   It never rains in Reno, except when we visit.  The weather was cold and windy and on our trip to Lake Tahoe it actually snowed.  The sky was overcast so we didn't get to see the pretty blue water of the lake.  The city itself is nothing like Vegas and there wasn't much to do there except gamble.  We did see a cool magic show, we were given one free ticket by a lady passing by which was nice, and a cool car museum. We visited Virginia city which is a small mining town built on a hill and famous for the TV show Bonanza.  It's a tourist trap now and all commercialized so not very fun, although the bus trip had some great views of the mountains. 

Wolfenstein: The New Order (Steam)

Came out last week and I finally got to play it once I got in from my trip.  The download size was 40G so it took awhile.  One of my first PC gaming memories was playing the original Wolfenstein, it was awesome and the really the first great first person shooters, the sound effects are still ingrained in my mind. I've played all the Wolfenstein games and all of them have been really good so I was hoping this would be the same.  It took a bit of messing around with the graphical settings but I finally got it running on ultra and 60fps on my Titan, I've read there are some major issues with AMD cards. 

I've played about 2 hours and I am really enjoying the game.   You play as the original game's protagonist, B.J. Blazkowicz, who wakes up from a coma state 15 years after the war and finds out the Germans actually won and are trying to find the resistance fighters.  I am really enjoying the story as it's much better than most FPS games, most FPS stories are nonsensical, but this is straight forward and gives the fighting a real meaning.  The pace so far has been excellent.  There is a bit of stealth to the game so it isn't all just shooting. There are tons of secret and hidden passages to find that have good loot so it pays to look around.  The enemies have been pretty fun to fight and have some interesting designs.  There is a choice you make early in the game that has different results in story so it does have replay value.

​Mario Kart  8​ (WiiU)

​Nintendo's box may be struggling but it sure does know how to make some great games and Mario Kart 8 is outstanding.  If you buy the game this week you can get a free game so it's almost silly not to purchase it now.  It's still the same Mario Kart we've always been playing but now in 1080P and that really does make a huge difference.  The game runs smooth and looks awesome, I even find myself watching the replays which is something I rarely do in other race games.  It creates a highlight reel that you can slow down at any time and there are already some great gifs especially of Luigi's stare.

​I have beaten every grand prix circuit but not gold starred them so I still have a ton of unlocks to get.  The track designs are brilliant and there is only 1 that I don't really like playing.  I've played about 6 hours of online and it's been problem free.  I wish it was structured a bit differently but it's fun to hop on and play a couple of races against real opponents. 

New Releases - So many games not enough time.


WildStar (download - $60)
Murdered: Soul Suspect (download - $50)
1,001 Spikes (download - $15)
Richard & Alice (download)
Concursion (download)
Freespace 2 (download)
Lifeless Planet (download)
Noir Syndrome (download)
EPOCH (download)
Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood (download)
1,001 Spikes and Ultra Street Fighter 4

PlayStation 4

Murdered: Soul Suspect
1,001 Spikes (download - $15)
Worms Battlegrounds (download)
War Thunder (download - free-to-play)

Xbox One

Murdered: Soul Suspect

Xbox 360

Murdered: Soul Suspect
Ultra Street Fighter 4 (download - $15 for Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition owners only)

PlayStation 3

Murdered: Soul Suspect
Ultra Street Fighter 4 (download - $15 for Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition owners only)
Tomodachi Life and PlayStation Vita Pets

Wii U

1,001 Spikes (download - $15)


PlayStation Vita Pets
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection
1,001 Spikes (download - $15)

Nintendo 3DS

Tomodachi Life
1,001 Spikes (download - $15)

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