Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E3 2014 Day 1


I watched all the conferences yesterday and they were all really good and they showed off a ton of games.  Microsoft just showed games with no mention of Kinect, TV, or media apps.  EA really didn't show much game play and on some of the games showed prototypes.  Ubisoft was the most entertaining one again and there games looked fun.   Sony finished the night with a strong first hour then got bogged down for 30 minutes then finished strong.

Crackdown -   I loved the first Crackdown and am glad a new one is coming for the new consoles.
Grim Fandango - Being remade, really excited about this one.
Batman Arkam Knight - Wow this looks awesome, the graphics and environment were unbelievable.
Rainbow Six Siege -  Looks like planning is back in.  Great game play demo.
Sunset Overdrive - Very colorful shooter that has some good parkour and the demo made it look easy to pull off.
Far Cry 4 - Amazing, the graphics and scope of the game was unbelievable.  They action they showed was awesome.
Assassins Creed Unity - Now has co-op.  The crowds do look more like natural crowds.
Dead Island 2-  The trailer was awesome.
GTA V - Coming to new Consoles and PC in August, Finally.
Bloodborne - Just showed a trailer but it looked awesome.  A true follow up to Dark/Demon Souls.
The Order - Wow the visuals were awesome and the transition between the cutscenes and action was cool.
Uncharted 4 - Looks like it may be the last Drake adventure in 2015.
The Last of Us - Coming to PS4 at the end of July.
Dead Rising DLC - Crazy is all I can say, I downloaded it last night and played for about 20 minutes, impressions coming later.
Halo Collection - Halo 1,2,3, and 4 all on one disc.
Call of Duty - I was really impressed with the demo and the game finally looked next gen.  Rocket boots.
Cuphead - a retro run and gun platformer that looked like a 1940's cartoon.  Awesome.
Evolve - From the makers of Left 4 Dead,  Robby and Sean will put in about 300 hours easily.
Destiny - Looked interesting and the alpha is out for PS4.
Battlefield Hardline - I'm in the beta and will try tonight.  Cops and robbers in the Battlefield play style.
Mortal Kombat X - The video was gruesome and awesome.
Overall there were some pretty impressive games shown, nothing earth shattering but there are a lot of games I'm looking forward to now. A lot of good games are coming out on Oct 7 and it looks like it will be a $300 day.

New Releases - Not many big releases for E3 week.  Enemy front looks interesting.


Enemy Front (download)
Space Run (download)
Munin (download)
Infinite Game Works Episode 0 (download)
Crimsonland (download)
Pulstar (download)
Final Slam 2 (download)
Secrets of the Magic Crystals - The Race (download)
Spintires (download - $30)
Probability 0 (download)

Xbox 360

Enemy Front
How to Train Your Dragon 2

PlayStation 3

Enemy Front
How to Train Your Dragon 2
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 (download)

Wii U

How to Train Your Dragon 2


How to Train Your Dragon 2

Nintendo 3DS

How to Train Your Dragon 2
AiRace Xeno (download)

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