Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dark Sous 2, Crysis 3, Roku vs Chromecast

Dark Souls 2 (Steam)

I'm about 12 hours in and slowly making my way to my next death.  So far I am enjoying DS2, it does improve on some issues I had with DS1, but it lacks the weight and darkness of the first title.  The character model in DS1 felt perfect, he had weight and the way he interacted with the ground and environment felt right, in DS2 the character feels a bit floaty and not really connected to the world.  It's not a big issue but after playing so many hours of DS1 it's noticeable.

They have made the game less of a grind and more about exploration which is a good thing.  There were times in DS1 that it seemed I had to grind for a bit to up my level to proceed any further.  In DS2 there are more paths to follow and I really haven't felt the need to grind for souls, plus if you kill an enemy a set number of times they don't respawn so unless you use an item that makes them come back even tougher you can get through a tough area with a little patience.  I think I've only had this happen on 3 enemies.

The game is still tough but it feels more accessible than the other games so if you haven't tried any of the Souls games this is a good one to start with.  The game is a long adventure with around 50-60 hours of content plus multiple NG+ modes so you do get your monies worth.

Crysis 3

Still trying out my new 21:9 monitor and it's growing on me fast.  The colors are so much better than my other monitors and the higher resolution just has a nice crispness to it.  I played Crysis 3 last night for about 2 hours and wow is that a pretty game.  The game seems to focus a bit more on stealth play this time around, at least in the early stages. I'm playing on the Veteran level and the AI seems really good, you need to make sure you are well hidden while replenishing your suit power or you will be seen an then that will alert all enemies.  The game still makes you feel like a powerhouse and it's fun to run up to enemies, grab them, throw them into the air, and shoot them on the way down.  The game is just too taxing to play on a triple monitor setup but on this monitor I'm able to crank everything up to almost max and get around 50fps.  

Roku & Chromecast

I have 2 TV's upstairs that I use occasionally so I thought I'd try out these new sticks to see how they perform.  They both require power either from a USB slot or wall outlet.

$15 more than Chromecast but comes with a remote and does have mobile apps to control device.
Has all the major streaming apps and a ton of niches apps so content is not lacking.
Plex support and works very well.
Netflix takes up to 30 seconds to load which is a bit slow, once it's loaded then it's fairly fast using menus and loading videos.  My biggest gripe.  
Easy to stream videos and pictures from my iOS devices.
Must use a mobile device to control.
Has most of the major streaming apps but is still missing some and not many niche apps.
The apps must be loaded onto your mobile device then you send that data to the Chomecast and it connects to the source and streams from there.
Plex works well.
Netflix load in under 10 seconds.
Had to download a couple of apps to be able to stream pics and videos from my iOS device.
I was unable to stream my Chrome browser on the phone.
Overall they were both pretty easy to use, but I like the Roku the best.  The included remote is a nice feature and even though I usually have my phone nearby, always having to use that to change settings or pick a new video is a sometimes a little annoying.  Also if you have multiple people using the device you have to have the apps loaded onto all the devices and then update them which is another hassle.

New Releases - No really big games this week.


Battleblock Theater (download - $15) - Finally releasing on PC.
The Last Tinker: City of Colors (download - $22)
Chronology (download)
Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition (download - $50)
Memento Mori 2 (download)
Fearless Fantasy (download)
Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion (download) -  Flat?????

Xbox One

Super TIME Force (download)

Xbox 360

Super TIME Force (download)

PlayStation 3

Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition (retail)

Wii U

Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails (download - $10)


Borderlands 2  - Interested to see how well it plays on the Vita.
Soul Sacrifice Delta

Nintendo 3DS

Moon Chronicles - Episode 1 (download)
Mega Man IV (Game Boy) (download)

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