Thursday, March 6, 2014

Resident Evil 4 HD, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Out There, Basement Update

Resident Evil 4 HD (Steam)

This is probably one of my top 3 games of all time, I've bought RE4 about 4 times on different platforms.  It was released on PC before but it was a horrible mess.  This time the game runs at 60, has full controller support, and is in HD.  The HD part is a bit misleading though, they didn't replace all the textures with new ones so some of them can look pretty bad close up but for the most part the game looks good at 1080P.  The didn't change any of the game play so movement is still tank-like but that gives the game a certain amount of tension. 
I've put in about 7 hours so far and am having a blast, the game is just as good as the first time I played it.  Highly recommended.

South Park: The Stick of Truth (Steam)

I'm a little ashamed to admit it but I've watched most of the episodes of South Park, I really should have heeded the warning on the front of the show where it mentions that no one should watch it.   Matt and Trey were heavily involved with the story and dialog and it shows because this is probably the best licensed video game.  The game it looks like an actual episode of the show which is amazing, everything from the walking "animations" to the strange lip movement is here, I am finally playing a cartoon. 

The game is really fun and has some great fan service, the junk items you collect in the game all reference something that has been in an episode and there are tons of them.  You walk around town with a buddy, my favorite character is Butters, so exploring the town with him by my side is hilarious.  The battles play out in turn based rounds and feels a lot like Super Mario RPG where you hit buttons during your attack and on defense and it keeps the combat interesting and interactive.  Your magic is based on Farts so that results in some pretty funny combat techniques also each buddy has there own special moves so Butters turns into Professor Chaos. 

If you are a fan of the show then this is a must have game as it hits all the right notes and isn't some generic cash in game.

Out There (IOS)

Pretty cool rouge-like space exploration game that's kind of like FTL without the combat.


The room has been painted and I'll have pictures next week, I'll finally have some light down there.  The flooring has been ordered and it will take 2 weeks to get the carpet which is a bit longer than I wanted to wait but I liked the carpet and it was a good price.  The contractor did underestimate the carpet sq footage which resulted in spending an extra thousand but I knew there would be some sort of issue and this wasn't too bad.   So hopefully in 2 weeks the room will be ready for me to start putting my stuff in which I'm taking a week off to do so hopefully by the first of April I'll have everything setup.

New Releases  - Quite a few releases


10 Second Ninja (download)
Infested Planet (download - $15)
Post Master (download)
South Park: The Stick of Truth  - Really fun.
The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 2 (download - $5)  -  Waiting on the whole season.
Tower of Guns (download - $10)
Vertiginous Golf (download - Early Access)
Year Walk (download - $6) - Pretty fun IOS game.

PlayStation 4

Awesomenauts (download - $10)
Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition (download - $15)  - Free for PS+ Members.

Xbox 360

South Park: The Stick of Truth

PlayStation 3

Growlanser: Heritage of War (download - PS2 Classic)
Master Reboot (download)
South Park: The Stick of Truth
The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 2 (download - $5)

Wii U
Blok Drop U (download)

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F (download)

Nintendo 3DS

Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger (download) - Does this seem fun?
The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths​

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