Monday, March 10, 2014

Qvadriga, iOS Games, Stuff

Qvadriga (PC)  $20

Qvadriga is a Roman Chariot racing simulation game that is awesome.  The game is played from a top-down perspective and you can play it turn based or real time.  A "turn" is a ten second chunk of racing and then it presents you with some choices.  Do you whip your horses which makes you go faster but could injure the horses, do you try and whip your opponent or his horses when he is beside you or try to crash into him. There are other choices as well and it makes for an interesting game.  If you push your horses too fast around a corner you could damage your chariot or it could fall off so you are dragging behind it and you can try to finish the race or run off the track which you must time correctly or you will get trampled by a passing chariot, which happened to me on my first race, so long Ash.  

The goal of the game is to become a globally renowned racer which takes you around the known world of that time and compete against other AI racers.  There are about 45 different circuses to race around and some have you racing against 3 or up to 7 other racers.  The game does have an economy so you can purchase riders with varying skills, better horses and chariots, and also gambling, so it has some depth outside of the races.  The game is built in the Unity engine and the game isn't a graphical powerhouse but it looks clean the the UI is easy to understand.  If you are looking for a neat strategy quasi action game then you should give this a shot.  There is a demo that you can try or watch a couple of the youtube videos to give you an idea of the game play.  This would be ideal for the iPad so hopefully that version is in the works.  

iOS Games

Word Mage - Plays a bit like Bookworm adventures where you fight enemies by creating words from a set of letters. 
Block Legend - A block matching game that has some interesting RPG elements.
Faif - A mix of block matching and gambling.  


TitanFall -  If you trade in a select Xbox One game you get a $45 credit towards Titan Fall plus if you pre-order you get an extra $10 in reward certs so it makes the game $5.  I wasn't going to get it until I saw this deal.
Amazon is having a big sale on Logitech PC gaming gear with some good deals on mice and keyboards.
Dark Souls 2 - Comes out on PC April 25 so I'm waiting for that version which is really tough it's one of my favorite games but I want the higher resolution.  It will be at Redbox so I'll probably pick it up so see how much has changed from the original.
Diablo 3 loot 2.0 is out.  I booted the game up, updated, then closed it back down.  I really liked the console version but will try this eventually as the expansion comes out later this month.

New Releases - Some big releases this week with TitanFall and Dark Souls 2.


1954: Alcatraz (download - $20)
Eets Munchies (download)
The Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville (download)
TowerFall Ascension (download - $15)
Windforge (download)

PlayStation 4

Putty Squad
TowerFall Ascension (download - $15)

Xbox One

Xbox 360

Dark Souls II

PlayStation 3

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky
Dark Souls II
Putty Squad
Vessel (download - $10)
Putty Squad and Yoshi's New Island

Wii U

Blok Drop U (download)

Putty Squad

Nintendo 3DS

Bubble Pop World (download - $5)
Cube Tactics (download - $5)
Lola's ABC Party (download)
Yoshi's New Island

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