Monday, February 10, 2014

Threes, Splinter Cell

Threes (IOS)

An addictive IOS game that has you matching numbered tiles in multiples of 3's.  The game is a simple puzzle game but the sound effects really make the game. Each time you combine tiles it plays a sound effect of a voice saying a greeting and it's hard to believe but that makes the game for me, so much charm in a little voice.  It's $2 and well worth it.

Splinter Cell: Conviction (Steam)

I bought Splinter Cell Blacklist when it came out and played a bit but I never finished Conviction and Blacklist is kind of a sequel so I decided to finish the game this weekend and I succeeded.  I haven't played a game straight through in quite awhile and it felt great.  I really enjoyed the game and do recommend it.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Uplay)

For some reason I wanted to be stealthy this weekend.  After finishing Conviction I went straight into Blacklist and it's very easy to see how much technology have changed in a short time.  Conviction looks great but Blacklist is on another level especially on PC where they are using some really fancy tech.  The game is gorgeous and has some outstanding lighting effects.  The game play also feels much better and smoother.  The controls are a little different so I'm having to get out of the habit of a few button presses that do something different.  The game is a blast to play and the levels have 3 or 4 pathways through so you can experiment with different play styles.  


They worked hard last week to try and get the sheet rock put up, mainly so the contractor can get his next draw, but they weren't able to start because of inspections.  The plumbing and electrical inspections went fine but they also have to get the HVAC inspected as well before the sheet rock goes up, it doesn't make much sense because all of the work was in the crawlspace but they weren't quite finished with that so they spent all weekend finishing that up.  Once the sheet rock is done then I think painting is next and I'm still debating the color.  I will probably go all gray, maybe 2 different shades, and put up velvet behind the screen.  The screen will take up most of the wall and the velvet will give it a theater look. 

​New Releases - A ton of new releases this week. 


Dead State (download - Early Access)  - Looks interesting a top down zombie game.
Eschalon: Book III (download)
Mark H. Walker's Lock 'n Load: Heroes of Stalingrad
Metal Slug 3 (download - $8) 
NaissanceE (download - $20)
OMG HD Zombies (download - $5)

Xbox 360

Far Cry Classic (download - $10)  -  Needs to come to PC.
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Might pick this up, might not.
The Borderlands 2 & Dishonored Bundle -  Good bundle.
The Elder Scrolls: V:Skyrim & Bioshock Infinite Bundle - Excellent bundle
World of Tanks (download - free-to-play)

PlayStation 3

Blowout (download - PS2 Classic)
Far Cry Classic (download - $10)
Far Cry Compilation  -  All 3 Far Cry Games
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
The Elder Scrolls: V:Skyrim & Bioshock Infinite Bundle
Wolf Fang (download - PSone Import)
Zombeer (download)


DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc  - A game that's hard to explain. May pick this up.
Fort Defense (download)
Toukiden: The Age of Demons
TxK (download)

Nintendo 3DS

One Piece: Romance Dawn
Spot the Differences! (download)​

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