Monday, February 17, 2014

DanganRopa Trigger Happy Havoc, Titanfall Beta

DanganRopa Trigger Happy Havoc (Vita)

Put in about 4 hours with the game and it's pretty awesome.  It's kind of a point and click adventure game mixed with Ace Attorney and Persona.  The basic premise of the game is that you were chosen to attend a special school that is guaranteed to produce successful people.  You enter the school and immediately the screen goes black and you wake up in a classroom without knowing what is going on.  From there you meet the other 15 classmates and are greeted by a strange talking bear who tells you that the only way to get out of the school is to kill another classmate and get away with it.

It's a strange and quirky game but is really fun to play.  Most of the game is roaming around the school and talking with the other students trying to build relationships until a murder occurs and then you have to find clues and eventually have to prove who is the murderer, if you choose the wrong person then everyone but the murderer dies.  The writing is well done and the music is great, the game just has a cool style that makes it different than any other game I've played.

It's on the Vita and I highly recommend the game if you have one.

Titanfall Beta

Got into the Xbox One beta this weekend and played through the tutorial and a couple of matches.  It's pretty fun but I think it's going to have trouble because of the high expectations that have been put on this game.  The movement in the game is really nice, as a soldier you can run along walls and double jump so moving around the level is fast and feels exciting.  The mechs also control well and have a dash move and some other perks that does mix up the game play well.   The AI is kind of suspect as there are AI bots in the game along side real people which is different than other FPS games as there are more people on the battlefield making it more frantic.  


They got the sheetrock put up and floated this weekend so the next steps are to lay down the wood floor, place the trim, and then paint.  I picked out the carpet and the paint colors this weekend, I went with gray for everything.   I thought about painting the back wall and part of the ceiling black to reduce the light bouncing off the screen, but I will probably just put up some fabric as that is better at absorbing light and will help with the sound.  Hopefully they will have everything done in the next 2 weeks.

New Releases - Quite a few games coming out this week and even a release for the Dreamcast.  Thief is coming next week.


Banished (download - $20)  -  City sim that looks very interesting.
Drunken Robot Pornography (download - $15)
Ikaruga (download) -  Awesome 8 year old game.
Journal (download - $10)
NASCAR '14 (download)
Plague Inc: Evolved (download - Early Access)
Strider (download - $15) -  Maybe?

Xbox One

Rayman Legends  -  Awesome Awesome game.
Strider (download - $15)

PlayStation 4

Rayman Legends
Strider (download - $15)

Xbox 360

Earth Defense Force 2025
Strider (download - $15)

PlayStation 3

Earth Defense Force 2025
Strider (download - $15)

Wii U

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze  -  Getting decent reviews.




Gunslugs (download)

Nintendo 3DS

AeternoBlade (download)
Kung Fu Rabbit (download)
Quell Reflect (download)
Weapon Shop de Omasse (download - $8)

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