Monday, October 7, 2013

GTAV, Shadow Warrior, TV Shows


I only played about an hour this weekend, it really hasn't been a game that I've been craving to play, I think it may be the combat.  I enjoy riding around and exploring the city, but as soon as I have to shoot multiple enemies it just isn't fun.  The aiming is clunky and the enemies are amazing shots.  I'm behind cover and as soon as I pop up to shoot I'm hit and that happens every time.  I'm using the lock-on feature and that takes away all the challenge but I don't like the feel of the free aim so I'm stuck.  I hope to finish the story by this weekend then give online a shot.  I've read that they are still having issues with online where you can just lose your character and have to restart from scratch so I'm waiting until that gets resolved.

Shadow Warrior

I think I'm on the last chapter after around 11 hours and I think it's about the perfect length.  I've really enjoyed the game and the combat has been a ton of fun, I still love using the sword to slice up enemies.  Most of the environments have been unique and cool to explore, I don't think I've ever found all the secrets in a level. 

TV Shows  - There are spoilers ahead so if you don't watch the shows or haven't see the finales just skip this section.


Really disappointed in the final season and especially the finale episode.  The writing has been pretty weak and just illogical at times.  The show probably needed to end about 2 seasons ago.  Hannah McKay is running from the law with her picture everywhere and she does nothing to change her appearance?   Dexter can get access to a high profile prisoner without supervision then kill the guy and nothing happens?  Dexter can kill his sister and wheel her out to his boat with no one noticing?  A logger really?

Breaking Bad

Awesome show definitely in my top 10.  Ozymandias was the best episode and there was no way the finale could best it but I thought the ending was great.  They may have wrapped it up too nicely for some but I thought they did the fans justice and answered most of the major questions.  We finally found out who the ricin was for and it was awesome.  I was getting tired of his wife this season, I read that Anna Gunn the actress actually got some death threats personally which is crazy.  Not sure what kind of mental state Jesse will be in once the adrenaline is gone from the escape.  Hopefully Better Call Saul won't be terrible.  

​New Releases​ - Some good GOTY Editions if you never played those games. And POKEMON.


Bionic Dues (download)
Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition
Dishonored Game of the Year Edition
Montague's Mount (download)

Xbox 360

Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition
Capcom Essentials
Dishonored Game of the Year Edition
Just Dance 2014
Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion (XBLA)
Orc Attack and Atomic Ninjas

PlayStation 3
Atomic Ninjas (PSN - $10)
Battle of Tiles EX (PSN)
Beyond: Two Souls   -  Picking this up on Tuesday.  I really liked Heavy Rain. 
Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition
Capcom Essentials
Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness
Dishonored Game of the Year Edition
Heavenly Guardian (PS2 Classics)
Just Dance 2014
Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion (PSN)

Wii U

Just Dance 2014


Just Dance 2014


Atomic Ninjas (PSN - $10)
Worms Revolution Extreme (PSN - $15)

Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon X 
Pokemon Y

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