Thursday, September 11, 2014


Destiny (PS4)

Finally after all the hype we get to play what Bungie has been working on since they shipped Halo 3 back in 2007.  7 years and 500M dollars later their new game is out.....

  • Smoothest launch of an always online game that I've seen.  I had a couple of small issues but there wasn't any lag and no server issues.  The graphics look sharp and the lighting is fantastic.  I was fighting an enemy and he was taking cover behind a crate and I was able to see his reflection in the water and was able to sneak up from behind and get a melee kill.
  • The AI is very smart and they are even tougher than the beta.  I played a couple of missions on the hard difficulty and I had to fight 3 different waves of enemies because I couldn't take down the boss quick enough. 
  • I did play on a fire-team which is made up of 3 people and it worked fine.  Each person has their own loot and ammo drops so you aren't fighting over those things.
  • I also joined a random fire team and we took on a bounty that took about 30 minutes and they were nice players who revived me when I died. 
  • The gun play is rewarding and each gun has it's own type of feel and sound. 
  • Does feel like Halo.  The real Halo flashback moment was when we were nearly ran over by an enemy on a space "bike", I could of swore it was an elite.

  • Not sure how much content the game has. There are 4 major areas and the first 2 don't feel that large, they are open areas.much like in Borderlands 2.  Also the missions will have you in the same locations you were at a couple of missions ago, this is still the early game so things could change. 
  •  The town hub area does make the game feel a bit like an MMO where you talk to different people to upgrade weapons, armor, and other things but after awhile I think I'd rather just go to a menu than walk all over the map talking to people.
  • The game is supposed to have a ton of loot but so far I haven't had many drops or found too many worthwhile loot chests, it's nothing like Diablo or Borderlands in the loot respect. 
  • You can go into "Explore" mode which has you visiting the same areas as before but there are beacons around that will give you missions but they are the generic MMO kind and not that interesting.
  • The story missions aren't that interesting and mostly it's go to a location and let the ghost scan something then fight enemies.
  • Played two matches of the crucible which is the PVP content and it feels like other shooters.  You do bring in your own character and the matchmaking wasn't that great.  I was level 7 and it put me against mostly level 15 guys so I was in the last of the leader boards.
  • Developers did say the game really starts once you reach level 20 and get to the endgame content which is something I really don't to hear.  Why am I playing the early stuff then......
Overall I'm enjoying the game but is it a must buy?  If you have a couple of friends that like to get together and shoot things then yes go buy it right away.  If you are a single player type of gamer then I'm not sure there is enough content to keep you busy that could change once i reach the endgame so I will let you know a bit later. 

New Releases - Your destiny awaits on consoles this week. 


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Hack 'n' Slash (download - $20) -
Velocibox (download)
Road Redemption (download)  - Road Rash successor hopefully it will be good.  I really liked that game.
Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma (download)
Uriel's Chasm (download)
J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars (download)

PlayStation 4

NHL 15

Xbox One

NHL 15

Xbox 360

NHL 15

PlayStation 3

NHL 15
Mega Man X5 (download)

Wii U

Teslagrad (download)
Adventure Island (download)


Mega Man X5 (download)

Nintendo 3DS

The Keep (download)

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