Monday, April 28, 2014

Dark Souls 2, Wayward Souls

Dark Souls 2 (PC)

Finally had a bulk of time that I could devote to gaming and I spent about 10 hours on Dark Souls 2 and it's awesome.  I started out as a Warrior and played about 2 hours then changed to a Cleric because I wanted some healing abilities.  The game doesn't feel as difficult as the other games but it's still hard, that may be because I've played so much that I know what to and what not to do, most of the time.  I still have instances where I die and a voice in my head says why did you do that you knew that would get you killed. 

In my play through of Dark Souls I rarely left messages or summoning requests and that was a mistake as it made the game much harder.  If you leave a message and it gets rated by other players you gain a bit of health if you are playing at that instant.  If you leave a summon request outside a boss lair you will get summoned and can learn a bit about the boss you are fighting before you take it on yourself and if you are victorious it will turn you human which has other great benefits. 

I played a bit on the consoles but I'm so glad that I waited for the PC version. It runs at a solid 60 fps and looks great. I put on an ENB mod that makes the game look even better so once again the PC is the best version of the game.  If you want an action adventure game then you really should give the game a try. 

Wayward Souls (IOS)

Played a ton of this game as well this weekend and it's kind of like Dark Souls on my phone.  It's a top down action adventure rougelike game with some cool combat and decent controls.  Most action games on the iPhone usually don't control well but I haven't had any issues with this game.  The game has perma-death so you will be dying over and over but gain coins to use to upgrade your character so that you can progress farther.  The game does have checkpoints at various levels so that you don't have to keep playing the lower levels, I haven't made it to one yet though.  It's 4.99 now and will increase in price when updates come out which is different from most IOS games so we will see how that works. 

Rockband 3

This game is still awesome and is my favorite game of all time.  I finally can play the game easily with my full sound setup which makes a huge difference.  Having the sound cranked up and feeling the bass is a great and rewarding experience it really makes the music feel alive.   

New Releases - Quite a few good games coming out this week from Child of Light to Mario Golf.


Daylight (download - $15) - Looks interesting a horror game that deals with light.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (download - $40) - Getting decent reviews. 
Child of Light (download - $15) - RPG made with the same engine as Rayman Legends should look awesome.
BloodRayne: Betrayal (download) - I think I have it for the PS3 not that bad.
Slip (download)
Aerena - Clash of Champions (download)

PlayStation 4

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Daylight (download - $15)
Child of Light (download - $15)

Xbox One

Child of Light (download - $15)

Xbox 360

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Child of Light (download - $15)

PlayStation 3

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle
Rambo: The Video Game
Child of Light (download - $15)
Raiden IV: Overkill (download)
Bust-A-Move 4 (download)

Wii U

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Child of Light (download - $15)
Stick It to The Man! (download)
Abyss (download)

Nintendo 3DS

Mario Golf: World Tour  -  Getting great reviews and there is even a season pass a first for NIntendo.
Kirby Triple Deluxe
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Gardening Mama 2: Forest Friends
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return
Picross e4 (download)

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