Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fanatec Shifter, Peggle 2, BF4

Fanatec Shifter US SQ

I got in my shifter yesterday after ordering it around July 7, the initial shipment was early November but they had some production issues with the first batch so I had to wait for the second. The build quality is amazing, it's made of metal and not plastic so it's heavy duty.  It's a full 7 speed H-Shifter and with a flick of a button it turns into a sequential shifter, so it should fulfill all my shifting needs.

The hard part of course was mounting the shifter to my Obutto, no laughing.  They have a desk mount but I wanted it steady so I had to hard mount it to my shifter stand which also is all metal.  I got the diagram on how to drill the holes and went to the store to get my M6 bolts and drill bits.  The drill bit was labeled 6,5 on the diagram and when I went to Lowes, all I could find was a 5,6, still not exactly sure what those numbers mean even after asking many of my co-workers, Google wasn't much help either.  I went ahead and bought 2 bits with one of them being a little bit larger as I still wasn't sure about the size. In the end it really didn't matter because after I drilled the 2nd whole I was was already off just a bit.  I had taped the diagram to the metal plate but I guess it shifted or I just can't drill, probably the latter.  Once all 4 holes where drilled only 2 of them matched the shifter holes and they were both on the same side so then I had to go back and try to widen the other holes a bit.

About an hour later I finally had my shifter mounted.  Since that took longer than expected I was tired so I didn't even get a chance to try it out.  I will this weekend and hope to have some pics and maybe a video of it in action.  

Peggle 2

I do love me some Peggle and have been waiting for the sequel, it's exclusive to Xbox One for a limited time.  I went ahead and bought it for $12 and so far it's been more Peggle and I'm happy with that.  There are only 5 masters this time but there are 60 levels which is 10 more than the original. Each master also has 10 trials which are quick skill games so there is a ton of content.  Each level has 3 different challenges, with one always being clearing all pegs, so if you are a 100% this game has great replay value.  I will probably buy it again once it comes out for the iPad, it's a game that is relaxing to me and helps me to unwind.


I updated to the latest PC patch which should be out for all console versions as well and haven't had a crash yet.  I had random crashes before so it's hard to tell if this really fixed anything.  I also got the China Rising DLC and the one map I played I liked.  There are assignments that you complete that will give you weapons and in one of them you have to get 8 sniper kills and for me that will likely be impossible.  I've managed one sniper kill in about 5 matches and that was only because I ran up to a guy and shot him.  Sniping is hard.


Winter sale.  They have Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics free for the next 30 hours.  Awesome games get them now.

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