Monday, December 16, 2013

Fanatec Shifter, Logitech Z906

Fanatec Shifter with GT6

Finally got a chance to configure and try out my new shifter and it's awesome.  I spent about 5 hours playing on Saturday and I really like it.  There is a small issue with GT6 and how it uses the clutch so I did have some problems when shifting but it wasn't the shifters fault.  I've read on the forums and it seems a lot of people don't like how the clutch is implemented so hopefully they will fix it.  I had multiple instances where I shifted correctly but it put the car in neutral which did cost me a couple of 1st place finishes. Playing with a clutch, 6 speed shifter, and a buttkicker speaker is an awesome driving experience.

I'm still liking GT6 and how fast it loads the races.  I've moved up to the National A races where I was finishing in the top 3 when shifting with the paddles, I haven't been as good with the shifter and clutch, but I'm getting better.  I may try Forza 5 sometime this week and see how that fares, from what I remember it's around 20-25 seconds to load a race and I really don't like waiting. 

Logitech Z906 Speakers

Bought a set of these last week and set them up on my Obutto rig and they are great.  It's a 5.1 surround sound system that is THX certified with a 8 inch sub.  My older system didn't support any kind of digital input so when I played my GT6 on PS3 I only had stereo sound which isn't that great.  This set does support digital with 2 optical and 1 coax, no hdmi unfortunately, but since both consoles can output sound through optical it's all I need.  I tried hooking up my PC using optical but had issues with Dobly Digital Live so I just went back to analog.

The speakers sound great and are perfect for gaming.  The bass is nice and deep and I heard some cool bass lines that I don't remember hearing before in some of my songs.  Playing BF4 in 5.1 with War Tapes mode on is just an awesome experience, you hear planes and bullets whizzing overhead and at times it's almost too intense. 

When I purchased these I had an issue with my Credit Card and I didn't think that my order went through so I used a different card and ended up getting 2 sets so if anyone is interested in this speaker system let me know.  It would make a decent home theater setup as well, they really tried to make the set look nice so that it could be placed in the living room so they don't have to be used just on a PC. 

New Releases - A couple of releases this week with The Walking Dead Season Two which I will get.


Dementium II HD (download - $15)  -  Remake of a DS game that I played a bit of and enjoyed.
The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 1 (download) - First Season was great.  Not sure if I want to wait until all episodes are released before playing.

PlayStation 4

flOw (download - $6)
The Pinball Arcade

Xbox 360

The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 1 (download)

PlayStation 3

Mutant Mudds Deluxe (download)
Toki Tori (download)

Wii U

Knytt Underground (download)


BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (download)
Eufloria HD (download)
flOw (download - $6)
Furmins (download)
Indoor Sports World (download - $5)
Mutant Mudds Deluxe (download)
Sparkle (download)
Terraria (download - $15)

Nintendo 3DS

3D Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (download - $6)
3D Streets of Rage (download - $6)
Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles (download - $4)
Winter Sports: Feel the Spirit (download)​

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