Friday, June 28, 2013

Rogue Legacy, Deadpool, and Console War Thoughts

Rogue Legacy (Steam) $15

Addicting. The demo was addicting and the full game even more so. It's one of those games where you keep saying just one more time.

The game plays a bit like the old Castlevania games, you enter a castle, explore it's many different rooms, attack chandeliers, and face gruesome enemies. The difference is that the castle rooms are randomized each time and when you die your heir is left to take on the battle, currently I have about 75 heirs. The game is a Rogue-like so you will die a lot but that's what makes it fun. On each run you can earn money that you then use to buy equipment, runes, castle upgrades, and a ton of other stuff so you are constantly progressing and making it further into the castle each time, usually.

The heir part of the game is awesome. When you die you have a choice of three different random heirs to play as next time. Each heir has different traits and professions so there are different strategies to use based on their stats. Some heirs are short, some are big, some have near-sightedness which makes the edges of the screen blurred, some have IBS so they fart as they jump. The professions are varied as well, like ninjas, barbarians, miners, and others, each with different magic attacks and special skills.

There are 5 big bosses that you must defeat to beat the game and after that there is a new game plus mode. I've played about 3 hours and haven't beaten the first boss.

There is a demo for the game here which shows a lot of what the game has to offer.

Deadpool (Steam)

I was able to get the game for around $30 so I went ahead and bought it before any reviews came out. Once reviews hit the scores were around 6-7 which is decent, which was what I was expecting. I did read a preview of the game on IGN and they pretty much raved about the game then when they reviewed it that rave was not anywhere in the review. I didn't see if they were the same writers, but really don't put much faith in previews.

I'm not too familiar with Deadpool, I think I've have read one of his comics, I knew he broke the 4th wall and was crazy. The trailers were awesome and the game so far has been fun. Comedy in games rarely works and in the four levels I've played so far it has been great, there are some really bad jokes but they all seem to work.

The game play has some issues. If you just come into it with a smile on your face ready to kill tons of enemies in various ways you will be happy, if you want something fresh and new then disappointment. The combat is a mix of melee and guns each with their own upgrade path. The action isn't as fluid as Batman or DMC, you can hit different enemies that surround you but it is combo based and some have a bit too long animations.

It's worth a rental but not really a purchase until it goes on a massive sale.

Console Wars

It seems that Microsoft and Sony are swapping tactics from the last console war. Last time Xbox included a wired headset with every console and Sony didn't and that made XBOX live so much better as everyone had a headset and most used them. On the PS3 since it wasn't included most multiplayer games were quite, if someone did talk the voice quality varied because you could use any bluetooth headset, I don't think I used a headset more than once on that console. The Xbone will not include a headset, you will use the Kinect for chatting instead. Really? I have an awesome surround sound system and there is no way that the Kinect can single out my voice, also how does it mix the different audio sources, a really stupid move by Xbox. If you are a multiplayer person then you will need to buy an extra headset. Every PS4 will come with a headset.

The PS3 was so expensive when it launched and it hurt them, same thing will probably happen with the Xbone unless they can prove the extra $100 is worth it.

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