Monday, June 10, 2013

E3 Roars(Wars) Ahead

I didn't get to spend much time watching the Microsoft E3 presentation as I had some vendor work to do, but I did catch a few glimpses of Ryse which is an exclusive game for the Xbone.  The graphics did look crisper and they did seem a little denser with content as well, but the game play looked samey.  Third person combat with QTE's?  I don't mind them, but I was hoping for a little more creativity for a launch game. Then I saw the big news of the price, which was IM'd to me by Jamie,  $500.  How much would you expect to pay though for the one and only console you need, right?  A system where you have to always be online and can't rent or trade games.

Personally I usually don't by used games, I want to support the developers and I have disposable income that allows me to buy new.  I don't begrudge anyone who buys them and a lot of people trade in their old games so they can buy new games.  Microsoft didn't mention too much about their policies which was a mistake they should have a clear answer for all the question they created three weeks ago.  I haven't been able to trade or rent PC games for years, but I can usually get the games cheaper new or wait awhile for the Steam sales.  Consoles have never had sales like this.  If the new games were $40 then it wouldn't be as big an issue.  With the Xbone you are basically using the disc as a means to get you the content which is on blu ray and keeps you from having to download huge amounts of data on your Internet plan, I imaging though the digital version will still be the same price.

I then watched part of the Ubisoft presentation and it seemed decent.  They showed a couple of good games during an unfunny presentation, they tried at least.

I was ready for the Sony presentation and thought they would take Microsoft head on and they did just that. $399 for the console, you can do what you want with your games, and no online verification.  As Jack Trenton spoke the lines the crowd cheered and they knew they were punching the Xbone in the disk tray.  The PS4 looks ok, not spectacular, it has a neat design, but still looked pretty big, it can sit upright.  The games they showed looked great and I went ahead and pre-ordered from Amazon.  I may still cancel later, but just in case I don't change my mind.  PS plus will carry over and you do need that to play multiplayer games so that fact was glossed over, but for the price you get a good deal.  Microsoft did say you get 2 free games a month for Xbox Live, which shows the power of the PS Plus strategy, people like free games.

I watched quite a few trailers, but nothing that screamed a new experience.  Forza 5 is doing what 2K5 did where it watches how you play(drive) and creates an AI based on your tendencies which can be used in your friends games, neat idea just not new.  Dark Souls 2 looked awesome and so did the Witcher 3, two games I'm excited for and both coming to PC.

I'll have to see how many of these games are coming to PC and most likely will get them all for that platform.  No triple monitor support for any console.  They also didn't confirm that every game runs at 1080P and 60fps which once you get used to the fidelity, it's hard to go back.

I'll have more impressions later in the week.

New Releases -  Really only one game you have to play, well maybe two.  

The Last of Us -  Can't wait to play but unfortunately I have to.  Fathers Day weekend. 

Zeno Clash II (XBLA)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf  -  Got the digital version and it's really fun and relaxing.
Mighty Switch Force 2


Dark - Waiting for reviews.


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