Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Quadstick Controller (Amazing)

  • A controller for Paraplegic's
  • This is about the best thing I've ever seen. It's amazing what tech people can come up with. 
  • No real way to describe so here's a video.

The Long Dark (Story Survival?)

  • Overview
    • A survival game but with a story and no zombies.
  • Good
    • The story is keeping me interested as I get bored with just sandbox games where you have to  make your own fun and have no direction.  
    • The story also makes learning the mechanics a bit easier as their are specific goals to complete before moving on and they continually build on one another. 
    • Great voice actors, Lucy Hale(Female Shephard), David Hayter(Snake). 
    • The survival aspects aren't annoying or time consuming.  I don't have to eat or drink every 2 minutes.
  • Bad
    • Can still get lost at times as a couple of goals were not spelled out enough.  Had to use a Wiki.  
    • Wolves are a pain so far as I don't have any way to defend myself yet.  Wolves 2 Me 0.  
  • Cool Experience
    • Throwing a rock at a rabbit to stun it then the look on it's face when you pick it up and break it's neck. 

Redeemer (BAM! POW! WAM! I need a weapon, you don't need 2 arms do you?)

  • Overview 
    • A top down brawler that feels like Final Fight mixed with the Arkham Batman game's combat plus shooting.
  • Good 
    • Combat is fluid, fun and visceral.  
    • The combat feels almost exactly like Batman as you move through enemies and counter their attacks. 
    • Tons of melee weapons and guns, plus environmental kill zones to decimate your opponents.  
    • Sound is great with each punch and gun shot having a resounding bass thud.  
    • Cool close up kill animations. 
  • Bad
    • May get repetitive but so far each location is unique and different type of enemies.  
    • If you roll out of the way there is a slight pause before you can move again.  It's to keep you from endless rolling but it does feel a bit odd. 
  • Cool Experience
    • Actually remembering spending about 10 dollars in quarters to beat Final Fight about 25 years ago, wow that was hard to type.
    • In a level with Zombies and being able to pull off their arm then get a close up kill with it.

The Evil Within (Ever been asked to go swimming in a river of blood?)

  • Overview
    • Survival Horror game from the director of RE4.
  • Good
    • Scary, creepy, and grotesque, everything you want this genre to have. 
    • Story takes place in the mind of a crazy killer so you never know what is going to happen next.  
    • Tons of varied environments to sneak around and be chased in.
    • Interesting enemies that require different tactics.  
    • Sexy Creepy Nurse.
  • Bad
    • Story is a bit hard to follow, but it is interesting.
    • Some combat encounters are a little too tough.  
    • Not enough checkpoints.  Having to replay long sessions because you made a mistake near the end is a bit annoying.
  • Cool Experience
    • In a circular room with a huge knife rotating slowly around and somehow forgetting that and jumping over a wall just in time to have your head cut off.  Then have it happen again 5 minutes later. 

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