Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Prye  (Fantasy Sport Team Manager)

  • From SuperGiant, the developers of Bastion and Transistor, two games which I really like.  
  • Both games have a ton of style, great writing, and tremendous music. I listen to the soundtracks regularly. 
  • Pyre is their 3rd game and it's the best one yet. 
  • The story is told much like a visual novel with great visuals, good dialog, and many choices to make that all have various outcomes.  
  • The "combat" is what makes this game truly shine.  
  • The "combat" is a 3v3 fantasy sport that plays a bit like rugby. 
  • Basically, each team has a pyre(goal) that the other team is trying to get a ball into. They can either run into it with the ball or throw it in.  It's real-time and you are controlling all 3 people, one person at a time, switching between them with a button press.  
  • Each person in your team controls differently and has their own perks and skills. 
  • It's very intuitive and simple to learn, but like all great games difficult to master. 
  • This is such a departure from their past games and something that is truly unique that actually works.  
  • Also the music is again phenomenal, another soundtrack bought.
  • It just came out and it's well worth the $20 asking price.

PUBG  - (Fly,  Land, Search, Shoot, Die) Repeat

  • Hopefully everyone has heard of this game.  It's still in early access and has sold over 3 million copies.  
  • I was hesitant at first to buy the game because of my awesome experiences playing DayZ,(really did have fun with the group),  and it looked a lot like it.  
  • Fortunately it's a much better game and is super addicting.
  • Basically it's Hunger Games amplified.  
  • You drop out of an airplane with 100 other people and try to win the Chicken Dinner at the end by being the last to survive by killing all the other players.
  • You have to search houses and building to get guns and other equipment, then hopefully you can find a vehicle to get into the center of a circle that is constantly contracting. 
  • The game is a bit repetitive in the gathering aspects as you are basically looking down at the ground trying to find stuff, but once you have a gun and some armor you are ready to start hunting.  
  • My main tip for new players is get into combat as early and as much as you can so you can get used to the weapons and how to maneuver.  You will die a lot but once you get used to the combat you will be much more ready for the tense endgame than if you just hid out all the time.  
  • Playing in a group is a great time and we have had a blast each time.
  • I haven't got first place yet but I have gotten pretty close and this is one of those times. 

​Infamous: Second Son​ (You wanna be a superhero?)

  • Got on a kick of beating older games that I have never finished and decided on this one.  
  • This was a PS4 launch title which I never got that far into.
  • I really liked the previous 2 Infamous games and finished both, but something about the combat in this one didn't click the first time I played it. 
  • It was better this time, but the game play is just average.  I mainly focused on the main story and did just enough side quests to get by.  
  • The game did get a PS4 Pro upgrade patch and it was well implemented. 
  • HDR is a bigger game changer than 4k and it looks phenomenal, especially when using the Neon powers at night on a OLED TV. AMAZING.  
  • The story is just so so with some pretty bad dialog but an occasional laugh.
  • The graphics is what really compelled me to keep playing till the end.  

​​Uncharted Collection​ (Drake, Drake, Drake)

  • All 3 PS3 Uncharted games on one Disc.
  • Beat all 3 in two months and they are still great games.
  • The 2nd is still the best in the series in my opinion, the combat felt just right.
  • Little disappointed UC3 did not have 3D support like the PS3 Version. ​

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