Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Benq XR3501, Doom, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Benq XR3501

  • As if I didn't have enough monitors I went and bought a new one, this time it's curved.  Does it really make a difference? 
  • So first the specs
  • Massive 35 inch ultra widescreen.  
  • 2000R curve radius the most curved monitor made.
  • 144hz Refresh Rate
  • AMVA screen  
  • 2560x1080 Resolution

  • The two main reasons for purchasing the new monitor were the curvature ratio and the 144hz. 
  • I wasn't sure what to expect from a curved monitor as it seemed to be a gimmick but after playing for awhile I really think it adds a great deal to the experience.  
  • I don't think I'd say the same thing about a curved TV since you are sitting pretty far away from those but on a monitor where you are sitting really close where the whole screen is in your peripheral vision I feel more immersed in the games.
  • The amount of curve the monitor has makes it feel like I have a triple monitor setup.  I have seen a video with these in triple screen an it's amazing.  
  • The other reason is the 144hz which means that I can run games up to 144 fps which is really a game changer.  
  • Sure my eyes really can't see the difference between 144fps and 60fps but somehow I can feel the difference.  Just moving the mouse cursor around the windows desktop feels so smooth and responsive it really is impressive.  
  • Playing FPS and racing games at 144fps or even 100fps feels amazing and like whole new experiences. 
  • The only "downside" to the monitor is that it is a 1080P screen and not 2 or 4K.  This comment is the most prevalent I've seen on forums but I don't think any of those have actually seen the monitor in person. 
  • I don't find the resolution bad at all, I do have a 2k monitor and it does present a very sharp picture but I find I like the fps smoothness more than the resolution.
  • If the monitor were 2K then I would have trouble getting it to run at the higher frame rates so I think they made the right decision for the current graphic cards.  
  • The monitor also doesn't have G-sync but so far I haven't seen any screen tearing when running over 100fps so to me it's not necessary. 
  • Overall I am really impressed with this monitor and have no reservations about recommending this monitor to friends. Now I just need a 144hz projector.  


  • I finally finished the game late last week and played the last 3 levels on the new monitor and I am going to have to go back and replay it again.  Not only because of the new monitor but because the game is just so good.  
  • This game is already fast but at 144hz it's silky smooth and just amazing.  One of the best experiences I've had gaming this year.
  • The game held up all the way through and I can't wait for the sequel.  

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

  • Since I got the new monitor I've been going back and playing some FPS games that I've never finished.  
  • For some reason this game never felt right using a controller, I always had a hard time aiming at enemies.
  • The game is limited to 60fps however so I didn't get the smoothness I wanted but it worked so much better with a keyboard and mouse.  
  • This game was broken into two different acts with the first focused on stealth and the latter focused on destruction and zombies.
  • The stealth was implemented pretty well. but it did wear on me after awhile so I'm glad the second section had more fighting.  
  • The game was pretty good but I thought the New Order was much better.


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