Friday, March 18, 2016

Stardew Valley, Super Hot, The Division, Far Cry Primal, Rocket League

Sorry for the lack of content recently.  I will be amping up especially in 2 weeks when I finally get my Occulus Rift.  I'm really excited to get into VR and see if this really is the future of gaming.

Stardew Valley (Steam)
  • This game came out of now where and it's been on top of Steams charts since it's release. It was made by one person over 4 years and it has sold over 450k in the first couple of weeks
  • You play as an IT guy that is fed up with city life and decides to take over your recently deceased grandfathers farm in a faraway small country town.  The small town is made up of quirky characters that you try to befriend by giving gifts and maybe even find a mate.
  • The game plays a lot like the Harvest Moon games but so much better in my opinion.  
  • This is a nice game to just chill with and is easy to play in short bursts.  The game is broken up into days which last around 10 minutes. You do have to decide how to spend your time since it is limited and it's tough because there is just so much to do.  
  • I highly recommend this game, if you look at the steam page you may think I'm crazy but it's a game that can really get your hooks into you and you will be saying just one more day.  
Super Hot (Steam)
  • A first person melee/shooter where time only moves when you do.  
  • The game is just a set of unique levels(rooms) where you have to defeat all of the enemies without getting hit once.  This seems tough, but since time only advances when you move it makes each confrontation look like a John Woo action scene.
  • So I enter a pool hall with 2 enemies each with guns.  I pickup a pool ball and throw it at one approaching enemies.  The ball hits the guy and the gun he was carrying flies in the air. I punch the guy once then grab the gun out of mid air and shoot him and he's down. The other enemy is far away running left so I adjust my aim knowing the flight path of the bullet and fire.  I then slowly move ahead and I can see the bullet moving through space and it hits the enemy in right in the forehead and enemy down.  Another enemy suddenly appears behind a pillar and is arms length away but I'm out of bullets so I throw my gun at the guy it stuns him then I quickly take him out with 3 punches.  
  • Once a level is complete it replays everything at full speed and it looks incredible.  
  • It's a really hard game to explain in words but it's a really neat concept. 
  • The game is $22 on sale but it's relatively short so you may want to wait until it goes on sale but I've enjoyed my time with it. 
The Division
  • After all the great reviews I decided to pick this game up on PC and well.....
  • I've only spent about an hour with the game and it hasn't hooked me yet.
  • The game looks great and runs fine but I'm playing solo and I really think you need a group to get the most out of the game.
  • The match making seems very easy to use and you can group up with randoms before each mission so you can decide how you want to approach the game
  • It is a loot game so you will be getting tons of weapon and armor drops that keep you comparing those with your equipped weapons. 
  • I guess it does feel a bit like Destiny but the weapons so far have not been as cool but I've barely started so I need to put in a lot more time. 
Far Cry: Primal
  • Put in about 5 hours and enjoying my time but it does feel like another Far Cry game.
  • The pace is a bit slower since your main weapon which I like so there is a lot of stealth in the game.
  • The missions though feel the same as the previous games, I wish there was more of a survival element to the game.
  • You do hunt a ton of different animals and even tame the carnivores to be your pets which you can ride and order to attack your enemies but you really aren't surviving.  You are taking out bases and roaming enemies the same way you've done before.
Rocket League
  • It seems like I've been playing a ton of games but in actuality I've spent most of my time playing Rocket League, I have over 300 hours.  
  • I'm addicted and no other game has the type of excitement at the constant pace that this game has.
  • I'm finally feeling comfortable with aerials so it's opened up a whole new play style and strategies and I still have a ton to learn.  
  • It's an amazing game if you haven't tried it yet you really need to. 

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