Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Oculus Rift, Amplitude, Batman Arkham Knight

Oculus Rift VR Headset
  •  Pre-order to go live at 10am
  • Reading Neogaf predicting what the price will be
  • 5 minutes before 10 go to site
  • See Countdown
  • Wait on countdown 3...2...1
  • Hit order button
  • Goes to white page
  •  F5
  • Goes to white page
  • Repeat previous 2 steps for about 5 minutes
  • Finally loads the product.
  • $599 price tage
  • No hesitation hits order button
  • Shipping in March
  • Now just have to wait and hope no delays.
Amplitude (PS4)
  •  My first experience with a rhythm game was on the PS2 with the game Frequency by Harmonix. 
  • You flew a ship around lanes made up of different instruments of a music track and you had to hit buttons along with the beat for about 2 measures then that part of the track would keep playing and you moved to another lane for a different instrument so you were playing the song but also picking which parts to hear.
  •  It was an amazing game.
  • The sequel Amplitude came out and it was even better.
  • These titles led to the first Guitar Hero game and the rest is history.
  • They put this new game on kickstarted about 2 years ago and it has finally been released. 
  • It feels the same which is a good thing. It's still tough as ever but it's beautiful and the audio is booming. 
  • My big gripe though is with the soundtrack.  There is a campaign composed of 15 songs and I'm not a fan of quite of few of them.  You do have to play those in order to unlock more songs which is a pain.  Of course music is opinionated so you may love it.
  • One of the first songs I unlocked was the song to the first level of Crypt of the Necrodancer and it was awesome.  Playing that song made the game worth it.
  • The price is only $20 so not a huge investment.  
  • I think there is a total of 45 songs so I have a ton to open up so I believe the music will get better.
Batman Arkham Knight
  • Finished the main story this weekend and it was really enjoyable and I thought the writing was amazing and the main characters were voiced perfectly.
  • My only gripe is that to see the true ending you need to finish all the 250 Riddler challenges so I've been debating just watching it on youtube.  I do find the challenges fun though so I may hold off.
  • I put around 40 hours into the game and still have most of the DLC to finish up.  They are short which is a bit disappointing but I have gotten my money's worth. 


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