Monday, October 5, 2015

Destiny: The Taken King, Sony VPL-HW40ES

Destiny: The Taken King (XBONE)
  • I bought the digital version of PS4 and never installed any of the DLC's that came with that version.  I got to lvl 15 and stopped playing because I didn't want to grind for equipment and light levels and there just wasn't that much content.
  • With the new expansion getting rave reviews I thought I try again, but this time on Xbox since I only played it solo on PS4 and have some friends that also play on the Xbox that I can team up with. 
  • I've put around 20 hours and am almost to the level cap of 40 and the game has been very entertaining.  I've just now started to get into the Taken King quests and right away there are more cut scenes and the quests feel more involved.  There is well over 8-10 hours of content just in this expansion.
  • The shooting still feels perfect and now that they re-balanced the game I'm getting better gear at a faster rate which is always satisfying. 
  • I still haven't tried a Raid yet which I hope to get to sometime next month.  It requires 5 other players that are on your friends list so it will take a while to plan out especially since the raids can take 4-8 hours.
  • My only gripes are with the load times, they are extremely long and having to go back to the base to turn in quests and buy from vendors is annoying.  Can't they use the power of the cloud to speed that up? 
  • Since I completed my room I've been moving my TV around in front when I wanted to play video games because of 2 things. One is the pop of the graphics that a backlit panel gives that a huge projection screen can't. The other is lag. On my Epson Projector the lag is extreme so trying to play a game is impossible. There is a fast mode option but that reduces the graphics quality way too much.  
  • I finally decided that I wanted to try and game on my projector screen since it was so huge it felt like a waste seeing that behind my TV.  I would just have to accept the less pop of the graphics and hope that the larger screen would be a nice compromise.  The lag issue would mean that I'd need a new projector. 
  • The Sony I chose has the best lag of any projector,  it's even less than my plasma TV. 
  • After playing games on the projector screen it's hard to go back to anything smaller even with the better pop.  I actually feel that I'm in the levels now and not just looking in.
  • The colors on the Sony Projector are perfect without any calibration so I'm happy about that so no more time spent on wondering if I need to change my settings. The picture is stunning.
  • The Sony is also a bit brighter than my Epson, which I really haven't needed yet as I'm playing mostly in the ECO mode. When I tried the bright mode with my Epson the fan would get really loud so I never used that mode but with the Sony it's whisper quiet which is an added plus. 
  • The only downside to the Sony is the 3D uses IR glasses so the glasses I bought for my Epson are RF, there is an adapter for $275 that I can buy to convert the 3D but that's pretty expensive.
  • So far I'm really impressed with my Sony and playing games on that big screen is just awesome, so wish I had done this sooner. 
New Releases - Tons of great releases this week. Top of course being Rockband 4,  I'm upset that I can't use my drums yet on Xbone but PS4 users are free to pound away.  Nathan Drake collection is on the PS4 so I'll be replaying those 3 games again in 60 fps 1080P glory.  Transformers: Devastation looks like the 80's cartoons which is awesome. 

 Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide
Transformers: Devastation (download - $50)
Skyhill (download - $15)
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut (download)
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (download)
Caffeine (download)
Read Only Memories (download)
Sayonara UmiharaKawase (download)
Devils & Demons (download)
March of Industry: Very Capitalist Factory Simulator Entertainments (download)
Hidden Objects Bundle 4 in 1 (download)
Ookibloks (download)
Sublevel Zero (download)
Kaiju Panic (download)
Normality (download)
WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship (download)
This Book Is A Dungeon (download)
Slipstream 5000 (download)
Trap Them - Sniper Edition (download)
Nubs' Adventure (download)

PlayStation 4
 Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
Rock Band 4
Transformers: Devastation
Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition
Super Meat Boy (download)
Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance (download)
Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Souls (download)

Xbox One
 Rock Band 4
Transformers: Devastation
Dragon Age: Inquisition Game of the Year Edition
Elite: Dangerous (download)
Teslapunk (download)
Afro Samurai (download)
Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition (download)

Xbox 360

Transformers: Devastation

PlayStation 3
 Transformers: Devastation
Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax
Ride (download)
Saint Seiya: Soldiers' Souls (download)
Shooter Starfighter Sanvein (download - PSOne Classic)
Street Racquetball (download - PSOne Classic)

 Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax
Farming Simulator 16
Super Meat Boy (download)

Nintendo 3DS
 Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash

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