Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rocket League, Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

Rocket League
  • If you have PS Plus then download this game now for free.  If you don't or have an Xbone/PC then buy and download this game now.
  • The game is soccer with RC cars and it's a blast.  I've spent about 5 hours with the game the past 2 nights and it's only getting better.
  • The controls are pretty basic: gas, reverse, slide, jump, double jump, and boost which you acquire and store by running over boost spots around the course. 
  • The game reminds me a bit of NFL Blitz which was just fast paced visceral action arcade game. 
  • Each game is only 5 minutes long so it's easy to jump in for a couple of rounds when you have some time to kill. 
  • The game has a full single player mode but the multiplayer is where it's at.
  • The matches are 1v1 up to 4v4 which gets pretty chaotic.  I've mostly played 3v3 which has the best balance. 
  • At the start and after every goal the cars are placed randomly on the field and a countdown begins with the ball in the middle.  You start revving your engines and map out the best route to the ball with the most boost pads along the way and then launch yourself as the timer reaches 0. You and a couple of teammates will usually meet one or 2 of your opponents at the ball and then you all hit it at the same time and then who knows what will happen.  It's kind of like playing pool with about 4 people trying to break. 
  • When a goal is scored it creates a blast explosion so that any cars around the goal will be blown back which is awesome and then the instant replay starts which hardly anyone skips.  The presentation is really nice. 
  • There are a variety of cars which you can customize, I think there were 500 million different variants, but you do have to level up and earn them. 
  •  I liked the game so much that I bought it on Steam even though I got the PS4 version free because I wanted to support the developers.
​Rory McIlroy PGA Tour (PS4)​
  • ​I have mixed emotions about this game. At first I thought the game was pretty good but after playing again last night...
  • ​They had 2 years to work on the game so I'm not sure why it lacks so much content from the previous versions. ​
  • There are only 8 real courses with 4 fantasy courses, they say the game is a platform and they will be releasing courses throughout the year and next which is fine depending on how much they cost.
  • Gameface is gone and the player builder is really weak.  I think there is only one face you can modify.
  • ​The full course is rendered in the game which means you are now able to hit into another holes fairway like in real life. The best benefit is that there ​are no load times between holes​ which is awesome. ​
  • I'm playing on the Tour difficulty mode so you can't zoom into the location of where your ball will land so instead you hit a button which shows an overhead map of the hole.  There are various distance markers around the course like the pin placement or bunker positions so you do have to think about where you want to aim and I really like that feature as it feels more realistic. 
  • ​There are 3 swing types that you can choose from.  Standard and Tour analog stick swings, and the 3​-Click method. 
  • ​I've never felt that the EA golf games had a great analog stick feel to them.  Links 2004 was perfect.
  • ​The driving feels okay but chipping and putting feels off.  ​I think the issue is that you can set the distance of your club using the cursor and then just do a full swing and it will go that set distance so you don't have to gauge how far back you need to swing to get the correct amount of power.  I think there is a button that will reset this but you have to hit that before every swing and there is no option to change that so its cumbersome and doesn't make sense.  If you don't reset then chipping is very easy. 
  • Putting is a bit different this year.  You still set your putting distance by moving a cursor but there isn't a traditional power meter.  I think they are trying to make putting more tempo based so it does take some time to get used to. 
  • I really don't like setting distances by moving a cursor I want it to be tied to the analog stick movement. 
  • ​I did try the 3-Click method for a couple of holes and I did like it, I just wish the analog method felt better.  ​
  • ​There is a career mode which is a bit strange.  You play tournaments but don't play every hole.  You may play 3-4 holes on the first round then based on how you do it will simulate the rest.  The second round is about the same and the 3rd and 4th you play more.  I guess this it to prevent burnout but you never feel vested in any tournament.  ​
  • ​Also the worst you can score on any hole is double the par even in multiplayer which ​is a bit strange that's not a changeable option.
  • ​After writing all of this up I really can't find much to say good about the game.  I kind of want to get my Xbox out and play some Links 2004, that's an 11 year old game that I feel is still better. ​What is wrong with EA?

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