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Sblog 8/4 Crypt of the Necrodancer, Blackbay Asylum, Rouge Legacy, Theif?, Movies

Crypt of the Necrodancer(Steam Early Access)

I am usually wary of Steam Early access games because most of the time they are alphas and lack a lot of content and I get bored quickly.  This game so far feels full featured and is a blast to play.  The Rouge-Like type of game has really invaded a ton of indie titles recently and although I like them there are almost too many that are similar. This game has some unique concepts that work well and it feels fresh.

The game plays like most rogue-like where you move around a randomized dungeon in a top down view and try to find the stairs leading to a new floor while finding cool loot and defeating enemies.  In this game you can only move to the beat of the music, the enemies also move to the beat and have specific patterns that they follow so you not only have to time your attacks when the enemies are in specific locations you also have to do this to the beat, it sounds tough but after playing for awhile the movement become hypnotizing.  You can even play the game with a USB dance pad,(mine is on it's way). 

You can import your own music but the in-game music is so good that i haven't messed with it that much.  There is a vendor who you will meet that will sing during one of the songs and it's really awesome and it had me singing.  There is some permanence so you can build up attributes and what types of items show up in the dungeon. 

I think I've put about 3 hours into the game so far and I am really enjoying it and i haven't even beat the first boss yet.  I highly recommend this game if you enjoy rouge-like games, it's unique spin on the genre and is really fun in execution. 

Blackbay Asylum (Steam)

I bought this game this weekend and put in a couple of hours and enjoying this as well.  It's a horror adventure game played mostly form a top down perspective with some first person exploring mixed in.  You are a serial killer that just got sent to an asylum and for some reason your door opens one day and you are trying to escape and find out what happened by reading journals and computer terminals. 

The game feels like you are in a B grade horror movie, there have been some crazy scenes so far, one involving a lawn mower and a crazy hatchet wielding chef.  Just about every item can be examined or picked up and the main character will comment of everything.  It's more of a puzzle game than anything else and I've been stumped a couple of times even though the clues were right in front of me.  I just got to the part of the game where it transitions into first person view and it was pretty creepy.  Another game that I highly recommend.

Rouge Legacy(Vita)

Another rouge-like game, one of my favorites from last year, and it's finally on the Vita which is the perfect platform for these types of games.  I've wrote about this in the past and it's an amazing game.   This game is an action platformer  where you restart if you die, the catch is you come back as a decendant of the dead character so your stats and traits are randomized.  The traits is what makes the game stand out, you could be color blind then then whole level is black and white.  You could have near-sightedness where the screen is blurred on the edges or you not be able to see in 3D which has it's own cool effect.  The game is addictive and has that let me try one more time feeling.  The third game this week that is highly recommended.  If you have a Vita you must get this game if not then buy it on the PS3/PS4/or PC, it's crossbuy on Sony's consoles so if you buy it on one it's available on the others and it has cross save support. 


I tried to be a real life lock picker this weekend after my girlfriend locked the keys inside a house she was house sitting.  There was a baby kitten inside as well that luckily we just fed.  I spent about an hour trying to use a credit card to unlock the door and was unsuccessful.  I watched a couple of videos and it seemed so easy.  My hands were sore and cut up with little success, I did get the card into the crack but could never get it to release the lock.  We eventually called a locksmith and he couldn't do it with a credit card either which I was thankful for because I was expecting him to try and within 5 seconds have it open.  He had to get 2 different sets of lock picking keys before it was finally

The lesson is: 
If you need to break in a house don't call me, just because I can do it in a video game doesn't mean that it translates into real life.


300: Rise of an Empire -  Decent movie with some really cool visual effects and a great sound effects, not as good as the first movie but a good time.  I need to get the 3D version. 

Spy Kids 3: Game Over - Some really cool 3D that has stuff flying out at you throughout the game but one of the worst acted movies I've seen.  Sylvester Stallone has some great scenes though. 

The Raid: Redemption -  Modern kung-fu movie with some really good action scenes and can get pretty brutal, I'm not sure some of the stuntmen didn't go home in some casts.

Watership Down - Watched this movie as a kid and re-watched it again this weekend until my PS3 couldn't read past the scratches and it holds up.  It's adapted from a book and has a good story. 

New Releases - A ton of PC releases this week you would think it's November. Pick this week is the  Darksiders Collection. Stay away from Sacred 3 it's nothing like the original games and getting horrible reviews.


Ultra Street Fighter 4 (download - $15 digital upgrade)
Sacred 3 (download - $50)
Road Not Taken (download)
Darksiders Collection (download - $30)
Red Faction Collection (download - $30)
Jet Gunner (download)
Guns and Robots (download)
Mind: Path to Thalamus (download)
Rex Rocket (download)
Pe-2: Dive Bomber (download)
Back to Bed (download)
Amazing World (download)
Kingdom Tales 2 (download)
Direct Hit: Missile War (download)
Cloud Chamber (download)
Heroes of a Broken Land (download)
Orbital Gear (download)
GamersGoMakers (download)
Victory At Sea (download)
Frontline: Road to Moscow (download)
Another Perspective (download)
Stonerid (download)

PlayStation 4

The Swapper (download)
The Road Not Taken (download - free for PlayStation Plus members)

Xbox 360
Sacred 3
Ultra Street Fighter 4 (retail)
Darksiders Collection

PlayStation 3

Sacred 3
Ultra Street Fighter 4 (retail)
Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed
Darksiders Collection
Red Faction Collection
The Swapper (download)

PlayStation Vita

Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed
Table Top Racing
The Swapper (download)

Nintendo 3DS

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Mysterious Murasme Castle (download)
Xtreme Sports (download)

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