Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dark Souls, Fallout: New Vegas, Metal Gear Revengence

I was off last week and got bids on my basement remodel so now I have to decide who to use.  I'll post some pictures later in the week on what I have planned.   I spent most of the time working on that but did get a little gaming in and for some reason I was attracted to older titles instead of the hot new stuff.

Dark Souls

It's probably one of my top 3 games ever and I just now beat the main campaign.  I bought it originally on the 360 when it was released and played for around 50 hours and got to a tough spot and quit.  I then bought the PC version when it came out a year later and was addicted again for about 50 hours and got to where I was stuck on the 360 version.  I took a month break and finally got past that area and added another 10 hours, that was back in September.  I got the urge again last week and put in another 15 hours and beat the main game, I still have some DLC to beat but just finishing the main game is an accomplishment. 

The game is really awesome and if you've never played it I think it's a game that every gamer should experience.  The game is hard but fair, when you die it's because of something you did, not the game.  The combat is probably the best in any game especially when using the sword and shield, you have to play under control and as soon as you extend yourself or relax the game will punish you.  The sequel comes out in March and I can't wait. 

Fallout:  New Vegas

I think I've started this game about 4 or 5 times now, I initially played around 20 hours but then got sidetracked again.  I've put a few graphic mods on and the game looks fantastic, since I've never beaten the game I didn't put on any major additions.  The game has been crashing on me lately so I need to figure out what that is but I'm enjoying the game. 


Not much to say but I put on a couple of mods and I'm the Dragonborn. 

Metal Gear Revengance

I've played the opening hour twice and will have to play it a third time because the game isn't saving my progress even though it says that it is.  The game has a ton of style and the combat is fun I just need it to work correctly. 

New Releases - Not many games coming out which is still a good thing.


A Wizard's Lizard (download - $15)
Blackguards (download - $25)
Insurgency (download)
KickBeat (download)
Might & Magic X: Legacy

PlayStation 3

Lucifer Ring (download - PSone Import)

OlliOlli (download)

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