Friday, November 22, 2013

NBA2K13,NFS Rivals, AFL2K8, Steve Vai, Xbox One?

NBA 2K13

Tried the MyPlayer mode where you create a player and then go through his career making decisions and playing just his position.  It has full cutscenes and mini-games that make that mode feel like a mini rpg.  You start off by playing in a college allstar game and based on how you perform will decide how quickly you are drafted into the NBA. I was the 5th pick going to the New Orleans Pelicans, ugh. 

This mode really changes how the game is played and I really like it.  You have a purpose in every game and you do more than just handle the ball and shoot, you need to set picks and move around the court trying to get in good position in order to perform well and stay in the game. It's awesome.

NFS Rivals

Played a couple of more hours and improved my Cop rank to level 10 so I have a ton of cars to choose from and gadgets to equip.  The seamless single/multiplayer is really cool and I'm hopeful more games will introduce this feature. 


I saw on operation sports that there was a mod to the game that allowed for current rosters and I got that setup and played a game.The presentation from this 5 year game is still so much better than Madden it's crazy. The graphics don't hold up well but the gameplay is top notch.There are rumors that NFL2K may be making a comeback next year.  Some NFL players may have been scanned into the new engine. 

Xbox One

Should arrive today. I'm a tech nerd so I couldn't hold out. I'm picking up Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, and Call of Duty Ghosts.  I almost chose Ryse but the reviews weren't that great, graphics awesome gameplay boring. I have Madden 25 coming as well since I traded my current gen version.  From initial reports it has some nice subtle changes that make it a better game.

There is a mandatory 1G patch that will have to be downloaded before you can use the box so hopefully Xbox live won't go down.There is no Dolby Digital support at launch.  It will send uncompressed audio to a receiver so I'll have surround but it just goes to show that they did rush out the systems a little early.  There have been some reports of the Blu-ray drive eating discs. 

Steve Vai

Last Sunday went and saw Steve Vai play at Juanitas with Brooks and Josh.  The show was sold out and the place was standing room only, I was shocked because I didn't think that many people would know who he was.The show lasted around 3 hours and it was great although by the end my feet were killing me.  The sound was much better than the last time I was there.  I wish Joe Satriani would come to town, I may have to make a trip somewhere to see him play live. 

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