Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Witcher 2, Dead Space 3

Witcher 2

Finally finished the game this weekend after starting it about 5 different times during the past year.  The graphics and presentation are probably the best in any game, the detail is amazing.  I played it on my triple monitor setup and it was awesome.  My main gripe with the game is the combat, when the game first released there was some lag in the combat so it wasn't as fluid as it needed to be.  They did release a mod that fixed this issue but even after that I still wasn't a fan of the combat. 

I played most of the game on the easy mode because the story was interesting and I just wanted to be in the world.  The best part of the game are the decisions that you have to make.  Just about every decision in the Witcher games are tough because your choice will have it's consequences, there really isn't an easy, good vs bad choice.  Even the smallest decisions could have long term impacts on the future, it's a really cool aspect that does make you want to play again or reload the last save to try something different.  I reloaded my game several times to see the different outcomes. 

Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt is coming out in 2014 and looks to be awesome.  Hopefully they will get the combat right this time.  The first game is still one of my favorite games of all times and even thought the second one falters a bit it's still an enjoyable game. 

Dead Space 3

I fired that up last night and I'm not sure why I stopped playing it when it first came out.  I loved the first 2 Dead Space games and so far the third game has been awesome.  They did seem to speed up the game just a bit and they introduced more human enemies, but it still retains the eerie feeling of moving through tight levels and not knowing what might be around the corner.  The enemies are as scary as ever and they do create tension when you see a couple running towards you. Some of the battles have been intense and I do catch myself breathing a little harder at the end of them.   The opening sequence of the game has some great moments so I hope the rest of the game has more of them.  I really liked the zero gravity missions of the second game and they seemed to have opened that up more in this game.  

New Releases - Quite a few good games this week.  Diablo 3 is now on consoles. 

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD (download - $15) - Remember this fondly on the Genesis
Cosmic Predator (download - $4)
MirrorMoon EP (download - $10)
Outlast (download - $20) - FPS horror game.  Looks very scary.
Rayman Legends - Pre-ordered and ready. Game has gotten some great reviews.  The last game was one of the best platformers. 
Total War: Rome II - Interested but probably too much learning curve.

Xbox 360
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD (XBLA - $15)
Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate
Diablo III -  Not sure how well this will translate to the consoles they did have to dumb down some of the UI. 
Freefall Racers (XBLA)
Rayman Legends

PlayStation 3
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PSN - $15)
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD (XBLA - $15)
Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate
Diablo III
KickBeat (PSN)
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 (PSN - $50)
Rayman Legends

Wii U
Rayman Legends

KickBeat (PSN)
Rayman Legends

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